Dec 2, 2011

My new Dutch gf is all over Sexy Friday

So rumour has moeman extending his stay in Barbados for a few days. You're stuck with me bitCHes! Just like we're stuck with this crappy Habs team. But Doutzen is here to make it all better. I don't think I've been this in love with a supermodel since the Elle McPherson SI issues in the late 80's and early 90's. Hey did you know Elle had a lesbian scene? But I digress. We're here to celebrate my future wife Doutzen Kroes.

How about a Dutch male model interlude for the ladies. This is Dennis van den Eijk. He's a former military police officer and likes to do housework apparently. Let's hope that iron isn't too hot.

One more of Doutzen for posterity. Happy Sexy Friday everyone.


  1. Chester8:43 AM

    Hey WOW ..
    We almost won. Shit, it was really close.

  2. Hadulf9:43 AM

    I tried to watch the game, fell asleep on the couch before the 1st period...Woke up in the thirs, it was 2-2, just in time to see the DD - Cole duo give us the lead...I was like, WOW, this must have been a great game!

    Then we lost, again.


  3. @29 I've got some ironing he can do.

  4. Hoping JM's office is already cleared out for his return.

  5. Stratavarius dimples and cerveza+champagne.

  6. @29 - after those last two games, this sexy Friday was really appreciated!! And my wife worried that the guy was ironing something what didn't need ironing...

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  8. Mr. natural12:34 PM

    @29, Congrats on the engagement!

    @Steve, what's up with the >6' tall and good looking men comment? NTTAWWT!

    So we need to play the remainder of the schedule, 56 games, at the pace of a 100 point team or, better idea, fire PHuckin' CHocula and let the chips fall where they may, 'cause if we keep this up it will eat away at the team's morale like a cancer and we'll have to blow it all up an start again and the kids will desert us.

    I know I know I gotta snap out of it!

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  11. Chester1:56 PM

    Good for Cole.
    Generally in the history of the world people with money don't do fuck all for anybody or anything except themselves. Nice to see an exception.

  12. Mr. natural4:49 PM

    FYI we are at a pace to finish the season with 73 points.

    @Steve me thinks thou dost protest too much! nttawwt

  13. Note to Choucula,
    for the rest of the season have Lego practice only with a goalie, what to do in the last 5 feet. That part of his game is gamey.

  14. g'day, long time no comment. Don't have much to say other then the usual. meh.
    To lazy to link but when I saw this Eklund came to mind. Then I put my pants back on.

  15. You know...if they win a game they bounce up to like 8th spot...

    Currently tied with Washington and Snooze Jersey, who have more expensive not-doing-anything-at-the-moment forwards.

  16. Mr. natural6:27 AM

    @31, true dat, but the other teams all have one or two games (Boston 3) in hand.

    25 points in 26 games (= 85 points) is not likely to get you into the post season, to get to last years 93 points & #8 spot is gonna take some pretty good hockey over the final 2/3 of the season. (We had 32 points after 25 games last year)

    If you look at the current standings #1 thru 6 are pretty much lock up and the Caps, Devils & Tampa Bay have 2 games in hand.

    Our saving grace may well turn out to be that the final point total necessary to get into the the last two spots will be the lowest in years.

    In '00 - '01 = 88 - Habs - 70
    In '01 - '02 = 87 - Habs - 87
    In '02 - '03 = 83 - Habs - 77
    In '09 - '10 = 88 - Habs - 88

    Every other year > 90 points was needed to make it to the post season, however this year is trending to 85 points.

    Interesting to note that when the Habs have made the playoffs in the past 10 seasons, they are often backing into the last spot:

    3 times finishing out of the playoffs
    1 time (last year) 6th spot
    5 times the 8th and final spot
    and of course in '07 - '08 FIRST PLACE!

    Anyway let's hope that the shit caliber of garbage that passes for hockey in the NHL continues and we make it the sixth time we back into the final playoff spot, Habs of the new Millennium!

    GYFHG! Every one else Die!

    That is all.

    Company X-mas shindig 2nite..later dudes.