Jun 25, 2015


Congratulations ~ Félicitations!
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  1. moeman9:09 PM

    juce9:09 PM
    YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!! CAREY, CAREY

    juce9:10 PM
    Again, giving kudos to his team.

    HabsFan299:12 PM
    Mazel tov TFS

    juce9:15 PM
    NHL award hattie!

    Steve1:17 AM
    congrats to TFS

    the Maritimer6:25 AM
    Congrats to Carey!

    Now, GMMB, go get him some help!

    K3X6:42 AM
    Way to go TFS! Congrats on an amazing season. PFK will win the Norris again in the next couple of years - MARK MY WORDS!

  2. Chester7:35 AM

    Go Habs
    Verify cake?

    1. Chester, "Verify cake?"


  3. With expansion looming the pressure is on MB to do something. Its use it or loose it to an expansion draft. I say expansion sucks, take away 3 teams instead.

  4. Its going to be a great draft. Even at 26 we could snag a future superstar. We have swung for the fence with TinTin and the Big Mac, time to play it safe and just take a highly skilled player big enough that DDD could skate between his legs without bending over.

    1. the Maritimer12:30 PM

      I've got a hunch MB will be picking higher than 26th. No evidence, just a gut feeling and he likes to pull off surprises that leave the SFU's flabbergasted and blindsided.

  5. Great shot of TFS and his silverware - just one little piece missing from that shot...

  6. the Maritimer12:37 PM

    There was an article in yesterday's Gazette by Mr. Hickey showing all the Habs prospects in the system, drafted from 2012-14. A couple of them caught my eye, 5'-9" Lehtonen, 5'8" Reway and 5'-7" Audette who in his comments Hickey said are really skilled players but are probably too small to play in the NHL. How tall is DD again?

    1. If those guys were in the leafs' system, the SFU would be splattering their names all over your television explaining their greatness and how they will, under Babcock's tutelage, bring glory back to the wretched leaf.
      DD would look great as the first captain of the new Nodicks.

  7. Well they have the arena, are putting up the $500M, the only thing to muck it up may be PQuarl.

  8. Congratulations to our very own TFS!

    The schedule for next year is out:

    Highlights include the 4 game road trip to open the season, and an 8 game road trip over Christmas/New Years. At close out the season the Habs will play: Lightning, Panthers, Panthers, Hurricanes, Lightning.

    Looking at this, I'm reminded of a conversation I had with a friend a few weeks ago about California teams. The road trip through the state has been dubbed as "The Valley of Death", but ever notice that when Eastern teams go out there it's always three games in four nights? I checked last year, and it certainly was the case. I know Western teams have to travel more in general (though these days with private jets and such I'm not sure it's that big a deal). I just find it interesting. Maybe MTL/OTT/TOR would do better if they faced every Western team on a 3/4 nights schedule (for the other team).

    Anyway, no biggie. Just not much else to talk about.

  9. the Maritimer6:32 AM

    Anybody watching the draft tonight?

    I'll be drinking. Probably extensively.

    Comments may be erratic.

  10. So I expected the Habs to be one of the busier teams dealing and shuffling over the draft, but instead they were one of the quietest ones. I don't need trades for the sake of trades. But now I'm starting to think MB was actually serious at his year end presser.