Oct 27, 2017

All is not lost on Sexy Friday

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  1. Thank you for the lovely SF moeman. This is just the kind of balm we all need after last night!

  2. Can't we just trade Price and Max for a decent hockey team?

  3. Bon vendredi sexxxy mes ami(e)s!

  4. Wow, I nominate this post for SF of the year. Fantastic job per usual moe.

    Is it time to start paying closer attention to this Rasmus Dahlin kid yet? I'd say "Bah, but he's a defenceman!", except there are no aspects lacking on this team, so a stud Dman that can dish it out and score is AOK.

    1. Karlson super soldier 10 years improved

  5. In a world where every institution has failed
    or is technically flacid
    SF remains erect
    Thank you Moeman

    I dont want to be
    Debbie Downer
    unless its part
    of a threesome

    You should not call me
    a nibbling nabob of negativity.
    I attribut this to LBJ
    some may say Spiro
    but the idea
    is the same
    sometime you got
    to call a spade
    a spade
    and we have a
    full house
    that cant beat
    three of a kind

    Historic aside
    LBJ is famous
    for another couple
    of quotes
    the public
    one is when
    he hoisted
    PET up by the
    labels and told
    him to stop urninating
    on is grass
    the other one
    is deep state
    to serve on term
    for serving up
    JFK brains

    TFS is not a Russian
    but is he an enigma
    wrapped in a riddle?
    Has the myth of TFS
    been created
    by solid Defence
    and know
    when the system
    breaks down
    he cant stop
    a beachball?

    TFS is the least of our
    he is a great goalie
    we are lucky to have
    issues in goal are
    like the playlist
    for the orchestra
    on the titanic

    The real iceberg
    is the tip of the spear
    our special forces
    filled with limp

    Since my first
    sexy friday
    until now
    nothing has
    we still have
    all the offence
    of the Queens
    Christmas Message

    We cant fucking score
    We shoot our load
    on St Catharinens
    and at the rink
    all blanks

    Last year we had
    one dangerous
    energitic Russian

    I remember PFK
    was also good
    in the hood
    but other
    than that
    we could not
    make money in
    central park
    ripping off
    blind nannies

    Durid is working
    his bark off
    but he is a birch
    tree in the desert
    he needs the rest
    of the team
    to carry him
    sufficent water

    There is no secrect
    what is wrong
    we lack TALENT
    we turn silk purses
    into sows ears
    with our
    and our

    The only solution
    to talent in 2017
    is to bitcoin mine
    the system
    and to do that
    you got to tank
    dive capitin
    for at least two
    years and collect
    new cannon fodder
    because right
    now the cupboard
    is bare
    and the future
    is so dark
    the sun is not
    going to shine
    for at least
    a decade

    1. See KKR and 3gl and every other mercenary organization thats what we do not want to be. Buy a C3 jet for FFS.

  6. #Habs line pairings: Misery - Despair - Pacioretty Resignation - Danault - God Is Dead An empty bottle of Jameson - Your Tears - Gallagher

    (the above was a tweet from Christopher Curtis)

  7. Sodomy Rum and the Lash -the pougues or if you are into meglamanics Winston CHurCHill

  8. The games come up and the losses mount
    The pucks that are shot by us don't go in
    The ones shot towards TFS don't stay out
    The boos fall down and the fans draw out
    The Habs go skulking and mope about
    Be wary Bergie, be wary...

  9. So it looks like tsn The Reporters is cancelled. Apart from Michael Farber, it was a toronto/leaf sploogefest lead by dave the hack hodge. Good riddance to part of the SFU. Oh and dave, fuck off.

  10. the UTEs are rewritting the system daily. Lets see who wins the cup but if it UTES lead
    the old system will collpase and we are the holders of most of those bonds.

    1. IMHO their will never be a first rounder drafted who was not already an excleent skate

  11. https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/introduce-yerself/id1287279630

  12. Happy SF, y'all.

  13. Only 5pts out of a wildcard spot.

  14. Avoid gummy bears, they're laced with THC.

  15. > https://fourhockeyfans.blogspot.ca/2017/10/stranger-things-can-happen-game-11-v-nyr.html