Apr 1, 2011

Welcome to the new FHF - Four Hockey Fans

Hi All

Pending the resolution of the legal issues over at FHF Classic, we just wanted to register this site to be on the safe side. But for now, please continue to visit us there.

Thanks for your understanding, GYFCHG, etc,


  1. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause!
    You have made me and others to come very, very, very happy!

  2. Is there not some rule you have to dress an NHL team, the Laffs are pathetic.
    Oh and welcome back love the place already

  3. I'mnot sure I completely understand all this shit but who gives a shit. You're here and I'm happy about it! Now where the fuck can I find the streamed game tonight? exnordic doesn't seem to be running it...Any ideas? Please help

  4. This site inspires the same feeling I get watching Nos Boys...trepidatious optimism. Hell, I am fan of the CH, I am all despite it all.

  5. Welcome back or sorry to see you go or whatever. I can't tell what you guys are doing cause I'm just a dumbass PHucktard but I've enjoyed your deeply moving and intellectual comments for years and will miss them if gone. Always good to get the perspective of other fanbases even when you hurt my tender PHeelings. Sorry you had to lose to Laffs but at least you didn't have to watch headhunter Chara parading around for an hour with the most undeserved cup in hockey history. Anyway Go Phillies!

  6. Wait, so was that an April Fool's Joke or was it real. YOU'RE MESSING WITH MY MIND.