Oct 18, 2011

Miller'd ~ Habs' ass bejewelled ~ Game Review

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G Y F H G !


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    bizarre symetry in Rangers game

    wv: Luongo is porish

  2. Raphael Diaz scoring a goal means Raphael Diaz interviews!

  3. Meh BaruCH3:09 AM

    palindromic dismay today
    it will take another week at least to get TFS up to speed at this rate.

  4. Mr. natural6:01 AM

    WTF! Jesus H Price, we will establish the lowest shots/goal ratio in NHL history at this rate.

    It is as overwhelmingly frustrating a beginning to a season as I've ever lived through.

    I hate this shit, it's more depressing than being completely outplayed....PHuck!

    I'll see anyone who bothers to show up Saturday.


  5. I think it would've been more fun watching the B's lose last night. Julien was tossed out of the game? Heh.

  6. Hadulf8:59 AM

    It was a fun game, except for 6 seconds...

  7. I quit after two periods, I gotta finish Storm of Swords by Saturday or pay a fine. Its baby steps, first you get scoring chances consistently, last two games that is there for the first time in decades. Then you start finishing, to bad they did not have a mentor, like FUCKING JAGR.
    The mexicant has a womans shot, he should not even try to score, if the nets empty it might not make it to the net.
    I want Roy or Carbo yesterday, Captain Kirk also okay.

  8. the Maritimer9:34 AM

    I admire the optimism of some of the people over at H/IO, but I just don't get a good feeling about this bunch. I like some of the up and comers like Max, Lego, PFK and of course Price. These are the players that you can build around. The rest are expendable. The next two weeks should tell the tale as after the Florida game this Monday they play Team Tainted a couple of times and the Phucktards. If there are no positive results by then, get the wooden stake ready for Chokula, let Randy and his other brother Randy run the team until Captain Kirk gets his year of seasoning in the AHL.

    Then they can exile the Mexicant to some backwater team that needs help getting to the cap floor (not scoring help) and bring back Saku for all I care.

    Three more sleeps.....

  9. Chester9:47 AM

    Forty shots, and lots of buzzing around the net. Buffalo is supposed to be a real cup threat, I feel good ... could be my medication tho...

  10. Mr. natural10:02 AM


  11. Its a given I would be a better GM than Goat.
    We would already have little tits, and Jagr in the lineup with me in charge.
    Next Moves
    Trade Gomez and to Columbus for Rick Nash.
    Send TinTin from the Dogs to Swiss to learn how to play SwissMiss.

  12. The Mexicant is on course for a 21.3 point season.

  13. Little TiTs, 5 games 5 points playing for fucking Nashville.

  14. @N31, here you go.

  15. the Maritimer5:02 PM

    Best comment I've read at H/IO in quite some time:

    "Scott Gomez should be centering Peter Mueller and Radim Vrbata."

    Excellent!! I couldn't agree more! I'd take Kyle Turris in a minute.

  16. I passed by a newspaper, the headline was something like "not since 1938"

  17. Hey mediots, fuck off with the 'panic' articles. Stick to suck your leaf blue balls.

  18. LOVE this kid...

    "Brendan Gallagher on Austin Connor not reporting to #Giants: "Why do they need another tough guy? They got me."

    Backstory: they picked up Connor (6'4" 228lbs) because other teams were starting to take liberties on Gallagher. Connor decided to retire because he didn't want to go to the big city and wanted to stay in small town Saskatchewan, probably to continue farming.

  19. At last check near end of 2nd, Jets 3, leaf-1
    leaf suck!

  20. tsn is sucking leaf dick, hard.

  21. So are the refs. Go figure.