Oct 29, 2011

Rock PK! ~ Hot Habs vs. basement broons Preview 10/29

PFK!'s gonna rock da house that beer built. Our boys are back in town, followed right behind are the tainted and 'lacklustre' Mass. clown posse . The suddenly hot Habs are playing game 2 of their back-to-back series with the punchless Eastern conference basement dwellers. Game is on RDS, somewhere on cbc cuz we all know that hnic just loves their broons. TFS™ vs. Rask. PFK! vs Rat. Neely vs. King Pat. Fuck that. juce&iRiRi say the needle puck drops at 7pm-ish. GYFHG!

~ ~ ~
Previews from NHL, TSN, RDS, Cockroaches. Mediot.
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Thought you loved PatCHes? Read this.
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Ain't hoppin' 2 D islands until 11/14.
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Rock PK!

Me with the 4HFloorshow
Kickin' with some torso
Boys getting high
And the girls even more so

Wave your Anon hands
if your not with the moeman
Can I kick it?
(Where's my Pants!?!)
I got
You got
We got everybody
We've got the Squid
Gonna stick it in the goal
It's time to groove your Cole

Bell Centre back in busine$$
Can I get 21273 witness?
Every girl, every man
Molson, do you hear dem fan?
Ground CHontrol, can you feel it?
Need some balance 4 dat fist to land
We just wanna rock, PK!
You're making us feel so nice
Don't make it stop, PK?
Cos you're keeping us up all night

Singin' Olé from their asses
No shitty music for your masses
CHeck out the hot Hab lasses
No cross-ice Breezer passes
No too many men CHrevasses
Barbados has interesting grasses

I'll be quite uptight
When crotch sucks the mic
That mclame just licked
You get no love, pjstock you're the wrong man
It's time to move that fucking nobody
If you can't stand Milbury
But your best broons friend can
Say, go fuck yourself Cam Neely!

I don't wanna be sleazy
Beauty ass just teases me
Got my vacation planned
Bridgetown, do you hear me?
BeaCH patrol, can you see me?
Need no bermudas to tan!

But for now 4HFers
I just wanna rock, PK!
Low fivin' with his boss buddy Price
Don't make it stop, PK?
Cos you're making mike richards look trite

I just wanna rock, PK!
You're making rats look like mice 
Don't make it stop, PK?
Cos all dem boos just mean you're alright

Pimpin' aint easy
Most of it is jealousy
Every game night
Pimpin' ain't easy
But if you're winnin'
It's alright

Come on 4HFers!

I just wanna rock, PK!
You're making us feel so nice
Don't make it stop, PK?
Cos like Marley you're making us feel all right!

One love bitCHes.
~ ~ ~

Merci Josie Maran.
~ ~ ~
~ iRie Mon ~
G Y F H G !


  1. Take-down #3.

  2. Mr. natural11:44 AM

    I say Yeah-yeah, GYMFHG!

    The ominous ghost of Perry Pearn banished by our longest winning streak in 7 months, PHuck BJ Cock, PHuck PHuckPHace Buttman, PHuck the looney old fart & McLame, PHuck big nose, shaved ape, Milan Loseshit and the piece of shit PHuckPHace PHerence and all things Broonz.

    Bring your brooms to the game baby it's a sweep!

    So how shit do you think the Rangers feel this AM?


  3. Liked the following comment, heard on Habs talk radio discussing fight between PFK and ratface:
    "......I don't know how he could miss Marchand's nose".

    Big shaved gorilla take-down tonight.


  4. Bon voyage moeman!


    Marchand is one ugly mofo, isn't he?

  5. Pretzel will find Moeman in his face with a fist.

  6. the BaruCH12:48 PM


  7. Pouliot is scratched. I giggle. But sadly now they actually have to pay attention to Krejci's line.

  8. Well that was refreshingly fun.

  9. @Moey,
    he's so ugly, the only team willing to take him are those broons, whose prerequisit is be as ugly as they are.

  10. In keeping with Halloween and the party at the Bell after we win:


  11. @moeman
    What time should I meet you at the airport?

  12. Have a nice trip Moeman - we're all just envious - 4+ hours until the puck drops and I'm on my 4th Stella so it's gonna be a fuckin' A night for sure!

    Remember everyone - channel this mutherfucker into a 3 game bonanza. The Habs are still doing a lot of things they shouldn't doing - especially when they don't have the puck in their own end...but a lot is now starting to work and they need to continue that effort tonight - and they need our positive energy - all of our energy. The Habsar a better team than the B's and we need to make sure the Habs remember that for a full 60 minutes.

    NOw Go Habs Go Go Habs Go! GYMFHG!!!

  13. Habs will score as Thomas falls on his fat ass unable to recover due to the pain of hemmoroids.


  14. Thx kidz, Surfs up!

  15. Just learned Rask will be in nets and not Thomas who may be nursing with Preparation H

  16. @Moeman - One of your best..."No Breezer cross ice passes" - fuckin' inspired my son!

    Now GYMFHG!!!

  17. Thnxx Kmaxx.

    Just having 4HFun. Heard this week that Brisebois was suffering from depression symptoms. Hope he is getting the needed attention.

  18. Hope you are having a red stripe for us all...one for each different person who comments on this game...deal?

  19. Done deal.

    Love the Red Stripe.

  20. So by my calculations - you are 7 RS to the good and it's still over 3 hours before gametime!

    wv: this deal is whicked foryou!

  21. Kmaxx, I ain't on vacay yet. Will pop some Red Stripes in 2 weeks.

  22. Well clearly I missed a memo...I took it this came from under an umbrella on the beach somewhere...never mind - stock 'em up for when you do go!

    Go Habs Go Go Habs Go Go Habs Go Go Habs Go

  23. JMart quoted as unimpressed with PK falling for the fight card because he needs him on the ice instead.

    In other news: yawn.

  24. ...and this would be where a good coach, a coach with a sense of doing what is best for the team and his still developing talented players instead of referring to a notepad, would have sent someone else out on the ice to help out his young, impressionalble d-man. It's called...C O M M U N I C A T I O N!

  25. Put me down for a red stripe!

    While I wait for the beer, I am drinking my new find, Jack Daniels Honey. Totally addictive

  26. Speaking of the house that beer built, I don't think there will be enough beer for the broons to drown the sorrow they're gonna feel tonight.


    broons suck

  27. hnic, stupidest bunch of fucks ever. No wonder we love to hate you assholes. Just fuck off and die already.

  28. NEWSFLASH! I have it on good authority there was an epic meeting pre-game between LG77 and Cornelius. There would have been violence, but Corny was too depressed

  29. 9 minutes praising their leaf.

    10 seconds about the Sens win.

    5 minutes ripping Habs and Subban.

    10 seconds explaining why their broons suck.

    cockroach milbury complaining that PFK! looks cool and why he should be hated (tinge of racism?). pjsucks piles on. (NB, that POS referred to the Canadiens as 'we', fuck off).

    Hrudy looks on in amazement, says nothing.

    Sick fucks.

  30. CBC just had a Jack Daniels honey commercial!!! but i thought hard booze advertising on TV was illegal. it's so good they changed the law for them

  31. A point would be nice. Two would be better.


  32. iRiRi,
    Gonna be 2


  33. the grey suits of the RDS panel is like some sort of horrible futuristic fascist state

  34. PFK jumping out of his skates during the anthem

  35. Both teams starting their 4th lines to start? Er...

    Hope they let the bruins take the penalties and get some PP practice.

  36. that's good gorilla booing

  37. nice job CBC showing the "incident". very TSN-like

  38. Nice pace. Now score.

  39. nice cross check and slash on patCHes

  40. Keep up the pace boys and score.

  41. PleXXXe!!!

    Practice makes perfect!

  42. Rock PK! & Squid with the assists.

  43. LEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Fucking zinger of a goal!

  45. How long before da broons goon it up?

    Also, milbury, stock and cherry are POSs.

  46. heh, reading fuckface thornton's lips, as he mouths the ref, "we legitimately won the Cup you know".

  47. Someone tell marc denis that he works for rds and not nesn.

  48. MOEmaN and Tits on the Legoal.

  49. Thornton is a bridge troll.

  50. N31, apologize to bridge trolls.

  51. Yup, just won't be enough beer for broons to cry in, but mine sure tastes sooooooo gooooooooood!

    Keep it up YMFHG!

  52. Heard my son is at the game, now I'll be panning the crowds.


  53. heh, reading fuckface chara's lips, as he mouths the ref, "what's this shit about a tainted Cup?".

  54. ... and the refs save thorn ton's ass. Did he instigate? Refs, make a decision you sad fucks.

  55. heh, reading ugly seidenberg's lips, as he mouths the ref, "we still have Collie's email addy you know".

  56. heh, reading fuckface fingering ferrence's lips, as he mouths the ref, "I have a degree you know".

  57. Maybe Claude Julien will get himself ejected again!

  58. heh, reading Pretzel Lucic's lips, as he mouths the ref, "Steely Dan is suing me for fuck sakes!".

  59. Another PP, Julie's gonna have a heart attack!

    die broonz

  60. Fucking gongshow of a team.

  61. Clod always looks constipated. Oh wait, broons are always full of shit.

  62. cockroach milbury, "visors affect the game". Some hit him in the face with a shoe.

  63. smelliott friedman and some fuck called francis just called the Habs classless for firing Pearn. Fuck off you Habs haters.

  64. So, even CBC saw Eller getting hooked off the puck for that turnover. If CBC sees it, people can stop calling us paranoid about a conspiracy.

  65. Note both those cbc/hnic assholes said 'everyone around the league'. Cool, so 29 teams are lined up to hire Perry. Tick. Tock.

  66. Aw, man. I actually LIKE Friedman.

  67. broons suck leaf


  68. Does RDS count Habs pinged posts?

  69. Good Gosh, Josh!

  70. One, too, many passes.


    Hang on please.

  72. PleXXXe !!!!

    Eat it broons.

  73. 3 Ws in 4 nights is pretty sweet.

    Is anyone missing Mex? Anyone?!

  74. puck toss 3 stars...love it!

  75. Panic in beantown and beansville and beansburb. Man, something stinks. Die you tainted broons Die!

  76. Fucking Clod Julien sends goons after Pleky's empty netter.

  77. And now they're off for a week. FUCK.

  78. Everybody sing,
    100 bottles of beer in broons locker room, 100 bottles of beer, they suck a boon and another broon, 100 bottles of beer!
    Cry your mother phuckin' hearts out!

  79. Happy, happy, happy.

  80. Fuck Bergeron, knockin TFS, you fat fucking piece of shit!

  81. That was sweet! Not pretty at times but sweet nonetheless. So I'm stuck with RDS until something bad happens - funny thing - I don't miss the leafbc one bit.

    BR was wrong! 3 games in a row the Habs have won. Who gives a shit if wasn't as pretty as it could have been. It was another win. Now they have the week to sort things out...and they have things to sort out. But for tonight - Let's party! BST (British Summer Time) ended almost an hour ago so it's not even 2 am!
    More SoCo! Lots of Ice.

    Thanks for the preview Moeman. @29 - Go easy on the JD Honey - it'll get you later!!

  82. You motherfucking Nordiques lover, eat shit and die you bastard.

  83. My Quebec City, NEVER get a fucking NHL team and may your fucking arena stay empty forever!
    You hear me Buttman?

  84. s/b May Que....

  85. Check it out!

  86. @juce
    Actually... I say yes to QC getting a team because then the mediots will dump their français seulement on them and leave us alone.

    Just don't ask me to pay for that shit.

  87. @Kmaxx,
    since you're watching RDS, didn't you just love those images of Julie's many reactions behind the bench of goons?

  88. @N31, True, unfortunately, I think we are on the hook to pay for it. I just loathe giving Avandiques fans something to be happy about.

  89. Arrrgh when will the Penguins take the Leaf seriously and beat them utterly...?

  90. @juce - actually I don't think rds played those reactions enough...lol!

  91. who the fuck is denis gauthier? He was never a Hab was he?

  92. Night all! Go Habs Go Go Habs Go!!

    Thanks for this Moe - speak to youa ll later in the week!!

  93. @Kmaxx
    Never thank god. Denis Gauthier is the piece of shit who knocked out Gorges with a flying elbow to the head for his 3rd suspension in like 3 months. (Also his final year in the League, and was pissed the Habs said "hahano" when he wanted to come play here).

  94. To qualify N31's comment, BR was the one who was truly pissed that Gainey (BR can't call him Bob or Monsieur for some reason and will nevr mention his many suspensions) didn't sign the glorious genius that is the Munsterish denis gauthier. FWIW, gauthier's only salvation is that he is Québécois, a lunkhead dolt of a Québécois, but still.

  95. rds, talking about the Habs vs. broons rivalry, ask, themselves, if a Montréal vs. Québec rivalry will (they said will) be good for the game ... and they laugh. Sick phoques.

  96. @moeman, when doing leurs devoirs, my kids used to love to say phoques and giggle as young'ens cause they knew I couldn't (wouldn't) punish them for cursing.

  97. not so long ago, mind you.

  98. I so enjoyed:
    1. Habs taking 3 in row
    2. broons taken down by les CH twice
    in a row
    3. broons taken down by les CH twice
    in a row
    4. the RDS montage of Julie's reactions behind the bench

    So much so, that I set the PVR for Canadiens Express and will watch again during the week while the HABS enjoy some time off.

  99. Kids, gotta, luv, em.

  100. the BaruCH2:48 AM

    fuck you cheap shot stinking tainting Prunes. Fuck you Clod, Fuck you Martian fuck you douchara, Looseshit, fuck you crotch,HNIT,MacLame, BJStuck, Fuck you Buttman, suck this one hard you piteous thugs!
    And... its obvious the NHL's coming back to QC since they are launching a French-language site soon. Who's moving? BJs? Yotes?

  101. Mr. natural7:35 AM

    @the BaruCH: *Sniff* (wiping tear from eye) what a beautiful post. GYFHG!

  102. Happy, happy, happy!

  103. the Maritimer9:43 AM

    Morning People!

    I put the laptop away last night and just watched the game. I love to come here the next day and read all the comments, so much fun!

    Anyone miss the Mexicant? Anyone? I hope he's on the IR until next June. And I'm not buying this little streak has anything to do with JMart. I think it's the two Randys. They were chattering all night long, just like Kirk used to...(wipes tear).

    So let's just enjoy the double broons ass kicking for what it was, a chance to humiliate those asshole thugs and not the equivalent of a Stanley Cup win like when the leaf wins a game against the classiest team in the league, Montreal.

    I watched the Hot Stove last night also, and caught the little dig at Montreal for the Pearn firing. Don't know exactly what that was all about but Friedman mentioned that PG tried to swing a trade for a top 6 forward or a top 4 D but couldn't swing it so I suspect to hit the restart button he had to do something and unfortunately Pearn took the fall. Maybe the timing wasn't great but so what. It seemed to have the desired effect.

    As mentioned earlier Jabba the Hut looked like he was going to blow an artery last night with all the antics behind the bench. Sure felt good to watch the boys shove that knife in a little deeper. He must be feeling sCam breathing on his neck by now, hee hee!

    @moeman, loved all the little "tainted" lip reading last night! Good stuff!

    Keep it up guys!! G Y M F H G!!!!

  104. Yea only now it's like having two Kirks. Just imagine having 3... :)

    Rule #1 when a team is in a funk: be careful when you trade. Because a team will go "Give us PK for our 4th line junk".

  105. God forbid!!!!!!

  106. Top 5 ugliest in the NHL

  107. We are the champions, its like a Micheal Bale movie where our transformer's knee is leaking puss.

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