Nov 16, 2011

Habs were real and spectaCHular as they cane Carolina 4-0

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G   Y   F   H   G   !


  1. ti-cul9:36 PM


  2. Cole is such a troll lol.

  3. first time this season I feel good about the team

  4. Only thing missing was a goal by Price ;) I was half expecting his clearing the puck down the ice would bounce around and raspberry Ward on its way into the net.

  5. The only Habs tender that will score is PleXXXe (when CHocula figures to a way to make him a goalie).

  6. @31,

    It's coming.

    My God, just listened to a bit of JM, what a snooze fest. Now I know what to do when I can't sleep, I'm making tapes.

  7. I prefer listening to the sound of ocean waves.

  8. @moe,

    You're killing me. That's the only time I get a full night's sleep and that only happens on vacation.

  9. Luv you too moe.

  10. We're 9th in the standings.
    Climb higher, higher, higher.
    leaf is falling, falling.
    Broons suck!

  11. Wisest words from last night...

    Mr. natural said...

    In the words of the Wolf in Pulp Fiction, "let's not start sucking each others cocks just yet"
    November 16, 2011 8:13 PM

    I left a perfectly good game after 2 periods last night and come back to what exactly? more goals...4 fucking shots...half a dozen penalties...and everyone blowing each other over a game we had wrapped up in the 1st period.

    I don't wanna be a buzzkill here but I suspect that JM bored the pants off you guys in the third. I'm excited for TFS - he needed that S/O. And PFK scored a beauty. Yemelin looked really good too! Against a team full of ex-leaf players like they played last night it all looks good. But against a team on fire, the bullshit they were performing in their own end, the giveaways and the turnovers are gonna come back to haunt 'em. Every time the Habs win (in spite of JM) it removes us all 1 step from the underlying problem that the Goat and Geoff won't address - that is JM. He doesn't have a plan to score goals. He has a system that is supposed to prevent goals but he has no plan to score goals. Carry the puck to center, fire it in and go chase it. If you work real hard the other team will turn it over then maybe we'll grab something in front of the net. That's not a plan. That's page 4 of his little fuckin' notebook.

    In conclusion, don't shit on me from great heights - I was as happy as you all when I saw the result. But I'm a big picture kinda guy. I want the Habs to win a Stanley Cup before I turn 50. That gives them time but not if they stick with the fuckin' waste of time and space that is "The System" as coached by J. Martin.

    The Islanders game should be a bit of a revelation - I'm excited but not getting the lube out just yet...


  12. Mr. natural8:08 AM

    @Kmaxx, Agree. We had a lead going into the third, so what happenned? We took 6 penalties and were outdhot 13-4, we gotta get away from that mindset and bad habit(s).

    Our D is woeful in our own end, last night didn't look too bad but Carolina did not pressure our D the way the better teams are going to do, also we do not have the horses to dig the puck out of the corner in the offensive zone, good stratagy if you have the players who excel at this, we do not.

    I still stick by my summer prediction, make the palyoffs with a basically intact and healthy roster and we win the East!

  13. Paul Coffey " if I was a forward and my defenseman came across the blueline and dumped it in the corner, I would punch him in the face, when we have the puck why would I make him dig it out of the corner"

  14. Chester8:46 AM

    K lets not get excited. The large rotating storm is sucking, they made us look good. The things that I liked last nite was Gremlin and seeing Squid score. MrN has the important stat, 13 - 4 in the 3rd. If it was any other team they would have buried a few and we know how that plays out.

  15. Hadulf9:29 AM

    A refreshing win. Even though they made us look good, it was nice to actually look good ;)

    The more important stat, I believe, is the number of turnovers in the 3rd...We had the puck in our zone and could not clear. Guys were trying to dangle their way out of the zone and many times they got their pockets picked!

    I like that PatCHes-DD-Colé line!!! PleXXXe, even though with 2 points is either disinterested lately or he has a small injury...just doesn't seem to have the same kind of jump...

    Oh, and DD, you can shoot sometimes too you know!


  16. I'll take all the points we can get. Standings between teams are just too close.

  17. No way Myers hit is a suspension or penalty.
    Canes may be tanking going for Yoplait, so lets not get to high.

  18. Yanking a new game thread.