Nov 27, 2011

Naw, that puck's not frozen or anything

My only surprise is that the NHL hasn't scrubbed all evidence of this goal from the internet. Put on the tin foil hats today kids.


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Frozen? You kidding? Maybe you could argue that Price was touching the puck, but frozen? Uh-uh. Habs should have been killing a major penalty at that point anyway.

  2. Hadulf8:58 AM

    Speaking of rules...

    Letang's jersey was bloody. He should not have been able to play. That's number 1. Number 2, Price HAS the damn puck (@Anon). I don't know what 'frozen' means to anybody else, but to me, that puck IS frozen. Fucking bad goal.

  3. Hadulf9:06 AM

    And to follow in Kmaxx's train of thoughts...

    WTF Squid? He tries stupid little plays all the time and gets robbed. Cannot win a 1 on 1 battle...Ugh...he's getting frustrating.

    Squid, find the spot on the ice, wait for the pass - (and like AK46) - Shoot puck. Score more goals.

  4. the Maritimer9:28 AM

    It's been suggested that Cammalleri is playing hurt. If so, please stop playing until you are better as you are contributing nothing at present.

  5. @Anonymous,
    Crawl back to your fucking broons sludge pit, you fucking slug.

  6. Anonymous9:38 AM

    With all the talk about Pacioretty's head shot and Price's sloppy play in goal, guess I'm not surprised that no one is talking about P.K. Subban's ever so loverly swan dive at 12:33 of the first period. Neal got his stick near P.K.'s gloves, and P.K. leaned forward like a five year old poised over the kiddie pool and ever so gently fell forward. Got the call of course.

  7. Hadulf9:48 AM


    Exactly. If he's hurt, put him in the press box dammit. Right now, like you said, he ain't doing shit on the ice except costing his team...goals or turnovers or penalties. I hope he gets out of this funk soon cause right now, he's on pace for about 16 goals this year...That's ANOTHER expensive 5Mil...

  8. "I had the fucking thing covered, that's what happened" steamed Price afterwards. And what did referee Mike Hasenfratz say? "He didn't say anything. He ran off the ice".

  9. Mike Hasenfratz, stick that 1 point up your hemmoroidal ass.

  10. the Maritimer11:12 AM

    I was going to rip this team a new anal orifice today but upon reflection, why bother. Simply put, they're not that good. They played a decent game last night. You could even say they were competitive, to a point. Four of the top six forwards (last night) are a liability size-wize. Throw in Gomereaha and you're fucked up front. The defence I can live with and they've got decent prospects on the way, hopefully. I postulated to Boone that they bring up Louis, Louis and give him a shot. What have they got to lose? He couldn't possibly be any more useless than Gomer, so why not. They are half way through Gainey's latest 5 year experiment and I see no improvement. If anything they've regressed this year. I know, Markov, injuries, blah, blah. Markov hasn't played in two years, is he going to change anything? Doubtful.

    This three game west coast swing will probably determine they're fate. If they get no points I think they are buried and will play out the string. In February the Goat better have a new plan in place to start another rebuild, reload, whatever. The high priced help ain't workin' out. Move them for something. I'm tired of this franchise spinning it's wheels. We (fans) haven't had a sniff in nearly 20 years. Time to turn the keys over to the new young core, Price, PK, Patches, etc. Ditch all the free agent smurfs and never sign a free agent under 6' - 200lbs, unless his name is Crosby. Fuck, Malkin was a beast last night. I'd take him in a second as well. Or Staal.

    I'm at the point I don't care anymore if they win or lose. Do something, anything to give me hope. This mediocrity shit is getting tiresome.

    Looks like they may draft top 10 this year. Make it count.

    the Maritimer,
    AKA Glenn. Out.

  11. Mr. natural12:07 PM

    This is the same team that should have taken out the Broonz in 7, the same team who a year earlier took out the number #1 team in hockey and the defending cup champs, injuries aside.....we lost Kirk and Maxime Lapierre who was a useful pest in the post season, whereas CHicken, Latendresse et al meant and mean nothing, also we've added Cole.

    I still believe that when this team is healthy and in playoff mode we can win the East.

    But here is the harsh reality, it took 93 points to make the post season last year and 88 in the previous season, with 58 games remaining we need to average 1.2 points per game to make it to the post season, this equates to a 100 point team, which the Habs are not!

    Not saying it can't happen, it can but it will NEVER happen while we continue to do the very same thing game in and game out.

    FFS no more Gomereah, Squid needs to sit, more Lego, rest Plexx sometimes, the AHL level D-men are actually making me freak out less now...bottom line; same solution same results so CHocala CHrist already do SOMETHING, ANYTHING different, stop with the playbook, we will NOT make the post season with it's continued unmodified application.

    We need to focus practice on new approaches to the PP, on line changes that don't kill us or draw a TMM penalty, more effective control and clearing of the puck in our own zone. Any decent increase in those three areas will give us a real chance to save the season.

    Time is not on our side, every week we play at .500 drives another nail in the coffin.....and I cannot live with the thought of cotU and even more so, the local wing nuts, gleefully grinding their heel into the failure.

    Now GYMFAssKickingBroonzPHuckinPHucktard beatingHG!!!

    That is all,

    Mr. n

  12. Not only do we get fucked over for the game by the refs, but now Patches will likely get fucked over.

    Montreal forward Max Pacioretty will have a phone hearing with the NHL Monday morning for his hit on Pittsburgh defenseman Kris Letang during the third period of the Penguins' overtime win in Montreal Saturday night.

    No penalty was called on the play.

  13. the Maritimer12:51 PM

    @Mr. n, they dug themselves too deep a hole at the start. They are AT BEST a .500 team. Too many teams to jump over and they all have games in hand. The idea of Toronto making the playoffs - get used to it. They have a goal scorer. Montreal does not. Make fun of Doughboy Baby Phil all you want, he can fucking bury it when he gets a chance.

    There needs to be some radical changes made to the Canadiens as an organization. I don't know if they have it in them to do it.

  14. Mr. natural2:39 PM

    @the M: I hear you but I can only reluctantly agree as I am a slave to my love of the Habs.

    If a miracle were to happen and we somehow make the post season I DO believe that healthy and + a little luck we can wine the East.

    OK gotta go inhale more to keep reality from the door and my delusions intact.


  15. Mr. natural4:37 PM

    "wine" the east Freudian slip....

  16. Apparently Avtsin was told he'd get a 10-game stint with the Habs this year. Warning: he's about as good defensively as AK46 was when he started out, but that's because he's all about offense. Still just a baby, but he's a big boy. I call him Russian Patches. He's currently playing with Louis, and I was so happy about that because he finally has someone who's offensively-minded with the vision to create scoring chances. I would absolutely LOVE to see Eller centering those two for a few games...even if it means sending Moen and AK46 to be Plekanec's wingers. At this rate, would it really matter if they tried it out?

    Of course it means fuck all if they keep the powerplay the same. What does Andrei Kostitsyn have to do to get on the powerplay? Score another powerplay goal when he (mistakenly?) found himself out there in front of the net in New York?

  17. 24 games in, 2 pts out of the playoffs and already you guys are holding a wake for the team. Yeah the Habs are a mediocre team, but so are most of the teams in the East. Toronto always starts strong and fades to oblivion starting in December. Every single year, look it up. They don't have a goaltender, even their injured starter that the media has declared bigger than Jesus isn't good. They won two 7-1 games out of 3 and still had a negative goal differential.

    All that said, it's hard to stay that interested in such a joke of a league. It's lame to always blame the officials, but when it's this obvious and this terrible it's hard not to (not just with the Habs). The Bs will be handed another first place finish, which means Bettman will allow the Habs to finish 8th in order to face then again. Patches will get 2 games, which combined with taking a point away from the Habs will satisfy his cronies. Lucic, Chara and the rest of the goons and cowards will continue to severely injure others in 'hockey plays' while boasting that everyone is affraid of them (like a bully who's dad is the boss at the local factory). JM isn't going anywhere, the Goat isn't going to make any moves and Gomez will get 20 mins a game till I'm cold in the ground.

    Deal with it.