Dec 18, 2011

Sell your goat Monsieur Molson ~ 12/18 (Habs lost, again)

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Off to a Sunday Xmas brunCH. Mimosas!
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G Y F H G !


  1. L Dude10:44 AM

    I haven't read the other thread, so maybe it's been said already. But the good news in RC being tagged interim coach for the rest of the season (which is at least 50 games) is that it shows that Molson wasn't prepared to let PG hire another coach. Without some miraculous playoff run, I'd say Molson plans on overhauling management in the off season by hiring a new GM, who would then most likely with the OK by Molson hire the coach they desire (and hopefully that is the best coach available, even if he only speaks Klingon).
    At any rate it will be interesting to see what kind of (if any) moves PG is (or is allowed to) make for the remainder of the season as it seems the axing of JM is his last ditch effort to save his skin.

    Oh and after last night's game, FIRE RC! BRING BACK JM and the SYSTEM!

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  3. @L Dude,
    Think we should give RC a chance.

  4. Mr. natural10:56 AM

    Everyone remain calm.

    Let's give it a few games.

    Though we continue at our pathetic rate to finish with 82 points, the last spot will likely close out at 90 points or less, so we still have a shot but we must AVERAGE almost 1.2 points per game for the remaining 49.

    What we need are 2 point games, not OT single points.

    It's a little scary, we would need to WIN 23 of 49 all while maintaining our current OT savior point pace, that is 23-16-10 or a similar combination over the next 49 outings Vs. our current 13-13-7. GULP!

    It's possible but every 2-3 games that go by and we are off the required pace is making it that much more insurmountable.

    We CAN do it, we DID it from Oct 26 through Nov 19, in those 14 games we garnered 8 victories and 2 overtime losses for 18 out of a possible 28 points, a very healthy rate indeed.

    So I'm keeping the faith but the clock is really ticking...


  5. HabsFan29

    I missed your show this morning, is there a way to listen to a repeat?

  6. Kaberle: 5 assists since coming to the Habs, 9 in last 6 games (4 games with Habs). That's what he does eh? Actually he's been looking a little better defensively lately. Threw a few hits too. I just thought if Markov comes back, having both of them run the powerplay would be pretty sick... (So basically Kaberle is the new Hamr, just not Hamr-y).

    They can do it. If they can extract Cammy's head from his ass, they can do it.

    Apparently Cole was playing sick last night. Thank god, because I thought his going back to the room so much during the game meant he was also injured x_x Fuck this weather making everyone sick. Cold, hot, rain, not. Make up your fucking mind! Also Shanaban saw what I saw and isn't giving Cole a call for Larsson not looking where he was going. Unfortunately he's also apparently not giving Lucic a call for what he did, which is ridiculous. That better be one beautiful Bruins Christmas basket...

  7. Oh. Scratch that. Apparently breaking news is that Shanaban will give Lucic a call...tomorrow morning. Isn't there a game tomorrow?

  8. @31
    He'll forgive lucy by explaining that Rinaldo was born with eyes on the wrong side of his head.

  9. Grrrreg2:01 PM

    I guess that was to be expected, but since yesterday, your old friend Bertrand calling for Roy to become the next coach on the frontpage of the rds website. That's just really sad... I hope whatever they do this summer, they don't give the job to Roy.

  10. R.I.P. Vaclav Havel.

  11. Can't stand BR and his xenophobic ilk but I'm leaning towards the idea that Roy could be the intense, inspirational figure the Habs could use. He'd probably put the mediots in their place and FWIW, he could be a good goalie mentor for TFS™. Disclaimer - I named my son after Patrick.

  12. So would Patrick Roy return to the bench with his arms raised in the air? He's done a decent job with the Remparts. But I would think bringing Carbo back would make more sense in terms of experience. I could see a combination of Carbo and the Bluet.

  13. Please keep the Bleuet away from the Habs.

    Like Todd I would welcome the return of Serge Savard but has he been away too long from the game to GM? Carbo (PK, face-offs), Roy (winner, intensity, goalies) and Desjardins (D) behind the benCH could be a trio of terrific.

  14. No Shanaban on Colé?

  15. the Maritimer7:33 PM

    @moeman, I don't know if St. Patrick is the answer...yet. I'd like to give Randy a chance, over at the site there is an article where he explains what he wants to do which is assign players "permanent" roles or lines and let the younger prospects play. Sounds good to me instead of Chocula's blender method.
    I think this season is probably a wash. Let it play out and be a seller at the deadline instead of more patchwork trades.

  16. Agreed the M. Not suggesting Roy is the answer now but worth discussing.

    No problem with giving RC the CHance he deserves.

    Disagree the season is a wash. Only wash for me is Gomez and somehow unloading him but I doubt Goat has the used car salesman skills.

  17. Giving your players confidence? Giving your players roles? Shock! Cunney sounds like a coach!

    Of course that won't stop some shithead activists to accuse the Habs (with francophone GM and francophone assistant GM and various other francophones on the staff and team including #1 Louis Leblanc) of "francophobia". FUCK bring back the Nordiques already and get these asswipes someone else to bitch about.

  18. N31 knows. The best and worst thing that can happen to the Habs is the return of the nordicks.

  19. Mr. natural9:57 PM


  20. Kim Jong Il died. I have no idea what that means yet, but luckily I was planning on spending the holidays locked in my room with a bottle of whiskey and a shotgun by my side anyway (why mess with tradition?). Some have said the little dictator was keeping the military in check. Some say the wave of revolutions will finally come to the far east. I say glurg glurg glurg...this whiskey is delicioius....what was that noise....

    Let my last words be: FUCK YOU bROONS AND YOUR TAINTED CUP!

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