Apr 8, 2012


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  1. Mr. natural7:52 AM

    moeman the thanks flow in the other direction, MERCI!

    Though my PHuckin' job and travel prohibits my spending as much time here as I use to, I'm hear reading virtually every day and hockey would not be the same, at least for me, without this community.

    So wishing a GREAT summer to all and for the Habs organization, just enough tweaking to mustard our way into the playoffs in 2013 and then surprise the PHuck out of a few teams.


  2. Thanks moe for being the host with the most and giving us all a place to cheer/laugh/cry and commiserate. You've done a fine job and I hope you continue during the off season. Me thinks there will be plenty to yak about with the big changes on the horizon for our beloved team.

    Merci mon ami.

  3. Thanks moeman. The season may be over but a lot is about to begin.

    Happy Easter 4HFers, don't eat too much chocolate.

  4. The numbers game.

  5. the Maritimer9:56 AM

    Good-bye KaCa. Adios Gomereaha. May the likes of you never pollute the Montreal Canadiens lineup card again. I'm giving RBQ a full season before I judge him.

  6. the Maritimer10:16 AM

    Yikes! Just read this little tidbit in the Toronto Sun....I know, I know....

    Heard a rather haunting scouting report on highly ranked Mikhail Grigorenko, one of top players expected to be picked in NHL draft. “He’s a cross between Nik Antropov and Chad Kilger,” the respected scout said. And that, folks, is not a ringing endorsement...

    Maybe Timmins should pick Gsteve instead.

    1. I have read many similar accounts, but it could be disinformation. I hope Timmins and Roy have a good Tete a Tete. Based upon what I have read, after the nail its a total crapshoot. The only sure things look like Murphy on D and Forsberg on wing.
      But if we do pick Gmoe for fucks sake, lets just accept he is going to take time and for some reason the Russkies are egg men.

    2. Gmoe Still my hope and dreams. When you have a player like Kovy, TiTs and even Malkin of years past, why not just play them three games and sit em one? Same goes for the rookies who are not strong enough, and for the old men as well. Make me coach now Patrick,

  7. Thanks again Moeman. I have already totally lost interest in the playoffs. I hope you have a draft day special, and also a special the day we are cured of Gomereha.

  8. Hey, I just noticed the leaf are in the draft.

  9. Heh Heh, The F35 Canada's Gomereah. Brought to you by one evil motherfucking GM.

  10. Thanks moeman, been a pleasure for the 11-12 season! Nice reading you all and we have a lot to look forward to! See you at draft.

    Enjoy your summer all!

  11. Report Card

    TFS - one of the top 5 goalies, hard to evaluate because he does not have the defense others are blessed with. He still lets in double the number of softies for a top 5. However still huge upside. Sign him for ten years Patrick. A-

    ERWB - the greatest free agent signing ever? Yes. If Patrick believes the team will compete deep into the playoffs next year keep him, otherwise trade him now. He deserves to play for somethng. When your the number one man on a one line team, its no fun out there. A+

    Patches - our only other genuine first line player. A+

    DDD - a top smurf, our defacto number one center. Having two first line wingers does magnify his abilities, but so what.A

    Superplexxe - a top second line center, but where are the second line wingers? A-

    Giant - I hope he is not out of gas, take away his C and hope for the best. C

    PFK - Takes way to many stupid penalties. However a budding superstar. With a coach that can greenlight his offence point a game is within reach. A+

    Gorges - the new captian. A+

    Vodkov - not enough data to grade

    (Y)- a top 3rd pair man. Next year he needs to make a better first pass, and pick more spots to offend. But he gives Montreal a hammer, and for that A+

    Lego - Shows flashes of brilliance, still potentially a first line center Next year he has to show what he really is, a shutdown man or a shutup man A

    LeBrow - still some upside but not the great French hope. Maybe someone can teach him to skate, and he breaks out. B+

    The Saint - top 3rd pair guy, 2nd pp team, A

    Budda - great backup. Rebounds go so far they are not dangerous A

    RBQ- I am not buying sell him D

    BBJ - That wrap around goal may have saved his career. C+

    Blood - he Lego and BBJ make a effective third/fourth shutdown line with enough offence to keep teams honest. B

    White - could play without a stick and no one would notice, on the bubble. C-

    Staubliz - keep him as a fourth liner, unfortuneatly we need a goon and he is not a defensive liability. A

    The rest are interchange. We need two more goal scorers, what if we still had TiTs and Squid? Next year we would be a serious contender. I do not see that in the players we now have, and the free agent pool is shallow. I would blow up whats left of this team and everyone over thirty show them the door.

  12. How soft is donut boy? He is so soft in the offseason NASA will study him to make better seats for blastoff.

  13. I am thinking that Eller could figure in a trade for Huberdeau with the pick. My sense is we need less European skill around the periphery and more people from small towns whose first instinct from anywhere is to go to the net. What I saw of Gabriel Dumont makes me think that maybe Travis Moen might be trade bait. Ryan White might be in Hamilton with Staubitz in Montreal. Gionta should be back okay. Gomer will go where? Somebody should offer him a pension to retire. Ti Boom I think will develop into a solid 20 goal man. LeBlanc is not a liablity and is all upside. Steady Freddy needs to stay. He balances Vodkov nicely as does Gorges with Subban. Swiss misters are not the reincarnation of Mark Streit. I see very little upside. Diaz is not young and not good enough at his age to invest in. Of course, the new coach will have to stop commencing the third period playing the box and one for 3 minutes. Even last night- WTF? TFS needs more rest, maybe two games on one game off. Buda showed in the last stretch he is capable- at least as capable as Jose Theodore (it is a familiar looking rebound). Do I read right- is Guillaume LaTendresse a free agent on July 1? RBQ might be a good fit in Minnesota.

  14. As seen at cbc.ca "Canucks, Senators highlight HNIC's 1st-round coverage".

    Ya think the sick fucks at hnic choked when they had that headline typed. They've done everything possible to denigrate these two teams over the years. Eat shit cbc.

    1. Not Geoff Molson5:38 PM

      Dear CBC - you might want to seriously think about rotating the front end of the double header (like you do with the back end) so we don't see the Laffs every...fucking...week.


      The majority of Canada that aren't fucking Leaf fans

    2. the Maritimer8:09 PM

      @Not Geoff Molson : +1

  15. So what'd I miss?

    As I said yesterday, moe you rocked this whole season. Bravo, sir, and thanks for keeping the FHF spirit alive and gang together.

    Draft lottery 8 PM Tuesday!

  16. Not Geoff Molson6:23 PM

    Report: Savard takes permanent post as Canadiens' VP
    The Canadian Press
    4/8/2012 5:14:09 PM

    MONTREAL -- It looks like Serge Savard will be working for the Montreal Canadiens longer than originally expected.

    Radio-Canada reports that Savard has been appointed the club's senior vice-president of hockey operations.

    The Hall of Fame defenceman was handpicked last month by Canadiens owner Geoff Molson to help find a replacement for fired GM Pierre Gauthier.

    Radio-Canada says the new general manager, who has yet to be named, will report to Savard.

    The 66-year-old was the Canadiens' GM between 1983 and 1995 and led the team to its last two Stanley Cups.

    The Habs are coming off a disastrous season that saw them finish last in the Eastern Conference.

    1. Not Geoff Molson6:24 PM


    2. Apparently no one told the team, nor Savard. It's speculation. I also wish people would wait for official press releases instead of jumping the gun to a scoop that may or may not be a scoop. Then again, it makes mediots look like big mediots.

      "Serge Savard is flatly denying reports he's #Habs Sr VP hockey operations; team spokesman says it's "speculation"" (from Stubbs)

  17. More speculation.

  18. I was going to start with this big long story, but I`ll save you all the pain.
    I met Chris Nilan today.
    Hey, I`m always starstruck.

    1. Now, you all know, if that was Staubitz or Gorgeous Gorges, I would have provided all the lady 4Hfers all the details.
      Sorry guys.

  19. I'm hoping that the "Savard as VP" rumour/creation is wrong because I'm not sure this would be a step in the right direction. A good friend of mine told me once, when I asked him about returning to a role with a company we both previously worked for, "no matter how much time has passed, you must always look forward and unless it's a completely different organisation, it becomes a backward career step for you and a the organisation. It is a lose-lose situation". Last time I checked,The Montreal Canadiens of 2012 are still the same organisation. Some of the faces have changed, but that is is. So I'm on the "Non to Serge" bandwagon. Let him help GM out, but not long term please.

    Moeman, you make staying up until 3 am watching the Habs bearable even when they play like shit. So don't ever stop doing your thang!

    Go Habs Go!!

    1. Savard as a shadow GM would be the same old shit as always. Only he was REALLY terrible at drafting. And traded Chelios. I hope his being there is just as a "second opinion" for Molson

      Can we get some new blood please? Enough of this past heroes crap.