Feb 25, 2013

200 hot asx flavours

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Spooning allowed.


  1. Hope there's Mint CHocolate CHip. My fave.

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  3. I dont know what the commentary was, but I am guessing RDS was saying, holy fuck Cheese made a hockey play

  4. I think some of those ice creams are sherbet. It's ok though, I love sherbet. Or even sherbert. Or sorbet.

    1. You like gelato?

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  5. nice shooting PFK, no hesitation on the net

  6. our fourth line works so hard. it's nice to behold

  7. the Maritimer9:31 PM

    Man, DD gets pushed around a lot.

  8. you just witnessed another cheesy episode

  9. 3-2, Phucks score, 8 mins left.

  10. Neil is good at knocking people down

  11. Replies
    1. But we can buy a thrill.

  12. gCHuck will score within the next two min

  13. the Maritimer9:44 PM


  14. Habs transition game is impressive.

  15. That Bishop is bigger than the pope

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  16. the Maritimer9:52 PM

    Hang on boys!

    1. score muther fuckers

  17. Linesman all of a sudden feel important.

  18. Bishop on his knees is a big a TFS standing up

    1. he has to be setting some kind of size and shape records

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  19. wow. a call now?


  20. PFK for fucks sake try being a better person

  21. Get a fucking point.

  22. were going for the shootout, with Bishop showing a Bo Higgins particle sized piece of net. Gotta Deke, Deke, and Deke again

  23. Replies
    1. in this case a loser point from every standpoint


  25. let them play hockey for fucks sake

  26. have a mentioned that goalie is freakishly large

  27. gCHuck, deke him out of his volkswagen sized jock strap

  28. the Maritimer10:16 PM

    PFK has been a turnover machine tonight.

  29. Solid game. Need to bag it.

  30. did you see that stat, anyone who shoots on this freak does a bag skate

  31. I'm just listening on the radio, but I still can't figure out how it's not 10-1. Also, on a 4on3 PP I heard, "Shot blocked!" waaaaay too many times.

  32. gotta go early five hole

  33. Undeserved win but their goalie burned us.

  34. at least we will not see that freak again for awhile

  35. Price did his job, and yet again the other guys let him down. Oh well, 1 point. Still in 1st.

    1. TFS let in a softie that cost the game

    2. Well, I didn't see it. Whatever, the Habs have stolen lots of games they probably should have lost. This is the first in recent memory that went the other way.

    3. I am not realy blaming him just saying. We had quality chances comming out of our ass, but that Bishop is the size of net, I have never seen anything that big, ok in the shower maybe

    4. You have the family sized Head and Shoulders bottle, too?

  36. 4 games in hand on the bruins? do those idiots even know the lock out has ended?

  37. I see St Patrick on the antechamber, he says Biship is freakishly large

  38. the Maritimer10:35 PM

    I hope they put in the same effort against the wretched leaf.

  39. Bishop was eighty five overall draft pick, by St Louis, they let him go for Halak to Ottawa for a bag of pucks, he is six feet seven inches, the tallest goalie ever in the NHL or the NBA

    1. Whoever traded him should be whipped, and Goat why did you not make him part of the Halak trade:

  40. Wow, Habs win we wait 24 hours for TSN highlights. They lose, the video's up in minutes.

  41. Hey Guys and Gals...sorry I was not with you - very bad streaming situation last night - lagging like a muther made watching almost impossible. Followed the comments for as long as I could then went to bed. Watched the highlights - TFS looked like he missed that first goal completely - probably would like it back. He's still looking for his jock after the shootout! Never mind - let's move on. Melnick summed it up perfectly. So back to tranna. No more losing to the fuckin' leaf...please!!

    Go Habs Go!!

  42. The Saint7:31 AM

    Last night PFK stood for Putrid Fucking Kaka. WTF is wrong with him!? As difficult as it is watching the Sportsnet cast, and as much as I hate listening to Denis Potvin, he was right in shitting all over PK last night.

    Anyway, a game they should have won. Didn't get the bounces. 3 quality posts that on another night might have deflected in off the giant ass of the goaltender in the crease. Wasn't meant to be. On to Tronna where a win is huge. 2 days off after that before they play 6 games in 8 nights, the final 5 of those on the road. By March 10th we'll have a good idea of what this team is really about.


  43. Anonymous10:45 PM

    SENS WIN! ...... er ...... I mean The 2011 AHL Calder Cup Champions Win!

    Booya! 'Till next time Habbitants.

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