May 5, 2014

De retour mes ami(e)s

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  1. A fresh thread to start off the week. Did I miss anything?

  2. juce9:11 AM
    MONTREAL - Carey Price can relax - his Labrador retrievers are back home.

    The Montreal Canadiens goaltender sent a message on Twitter early Monday saying: "If anyone finds two labs running around Candiac they're mine."

    Candiac is a suburb south of Montreal.

    TSN Radio 690 reported that a caller who heard their report on the incident found the dogs and returned them to Price, and that the caller got an autographed stick in return.

  3. Labs are beautiful dogs. My daughter is home for break and went to the Big Apple for the weekend and I'm dog-sitting a beautiful part Husky she rescued from a shelter.
    The last time she was home, I thought I would walk her while my daughter was out, BIG mistake, she slipped out of her collar going down the stairs and took off. I haven't walked a dog in about 20 years. Had to stop when I got to a light, there was a snow truck and the driver asked if I was looking for my dog. (duh, I'm calling her name and running like a bat out of hell, what did he think?) Huffing and puffing, all I could do in reply was nod and hold up an empty leash at him. He just continued on his way. I had visions of her running into the street, (we were getting very close to a 6-lane intersection) chased her for blocks then, when I couldn't see her anymore and I just couldn't run anymore (as much as you can run on snow) I turned my head and spotted her sniffing around in someone's driveway. Boy was I relieved, my daughter would have been heart-broken. (me too) Phew!

  4. Carolina has fired Capt. Kirk.

  5. We gotta buck up in the third. Frankie B! Stay away from shots going ten feet wide!

  6. So Dougie Hamilton says they found a flaw in Price, he goes down when there's a crowd in front of the net and they just have to aim high. Fuck off.

    1. I think that is the book or Price. It is his soft spot.But it is still a hard place to go.

    2. Just heard Price say he's seen a lot of scouting reports on goalies and that pretty much the same for goalies throughout the league, it's the same for Tukka, the same for Crawford, the same for Bishop, pretty much the same scouting report for all goalies, so it's a pretty irrelevant comment he thinks.

  7. Welcome back Moeman, the team needs you. We lost the last game because of some crazy puck moves. Blame NBC. The force was weak last game. On Tuesday a full cast of full force FHF fans will be there.

  8. the Maritimer12:44 PM

    Welcome back moe, we fucking missed you! (in keeping with 29's theme last Thursday).

    Looks like Crankshaft will be in the lineup Tuesday. I hope he fucking kills (figuratively) the little ratfaced bastard. Time for Patches to step up and be a man. Get in there and take your medicine.

    No less an authority than the the great Denis Potvin said that PFK should NOT have offered any apology to thug Thornton. I agree, fuck him. If a guy is trying to run you feed him some lumber.

    Come home Captain Kirk!!

    1. A guy on tsn was trying to say that was no different than what ratface got suspended for. Sick broon fan, what ratface did was clip Salo then tried to cry that the big, big man was coming at him and he was just 'defending' himself. Not the same at all. whine, whine, whine.

      Don't apologize again, PFK, and if that neanderthal luchicken can pound his chest for scoring in an empty net, no reason you shouldn't celebrate either.

  9. Welcome back, moeman.

  10. They put me away for having six plants
    but the fact of the matter is
    I been in Jail for a long time
    I was a wild young man
    and I did many a deadly dance
    but when the band stopped playing
    I was alive, I was alive and my life had some meaning
    Know I am more at home with the native people
    You give me this shise to live in and call life
    while you live the high life at the temple
    God does not know your bar code
    but to be a citizen of land
    that reaps rewards from climate change
    should make all those that
    push this forward
    There was a time when to be a Canadian
    filled ones sole with pride
    we could walk the street
    of any nation
    and all the bad guys
    would see our flag and hide.

    Harper said no we must be assholes
    and if there is to be a buttfucking
    we may not have the cock
    but if we can make
    some lubricant from seals
    it should count for something.

    Fear the collapse and fear it now
    this life we are living is done
    all the condos and pissants
    who made this run
    will be running the bulls
    come labour day.

    A long time ago
    people came to this land
    it was voluntary because at home
    no homestand.
    We are going right back there
    we will need all our resources
    but most importantly
    scientific sources
    to scurvies
    the Harper ifectious.

  11. OK I have finally emerged from my drunken stupor begun Saturday roughly 4:30 PM. Now it's cinco de mayo so I will be hitting the tequila hard soon, so i wanted to get some coherent thoughts down quick in these two hours of lucidity

    if you had told me before the series we'd take one game in Boston i'd have been happy. QED. sure, it was a nightmare loss, but the series is 1-1 FFS and we have stolen home ice advantage. let's do this thing. GYFHG

    1. That's the spirit! No have some spirits.

    2. the Maritimer3:29 PM

      Exactly. Anybody who thought this was going to be over in four straight was kookoo. Take the split, get home ice and go from there.

      Somebody stick marchand, please.

  12. Good friend the K-man pens a good one:

    1. the Maritimer7:52 PM

      Read that. Good stuff.

  13. Kinda FHFunny anecdote:

    So, I goes to my Francophone high' school's 40th year celebration (Kate, I graduated in 1979!), held in Stoney Creek near Ontario's wine country. The even and the reuniting was great.

    I attended the celebration with my three sisters (one flew from Switzerland). As gals are wont to do, two of them wanting to spend the 2 hours before the event 'shopping'. My 'older' sister wanted to load up on some Niagara-influenced wine. So we headed to some fave spots. be patient as this is Habs-related.

    We hit Tawse first,

    I am wearing my Habs t-shirt (in deep leaf country).

    Of course I get looks (and not just because of the tee).

    My iPhone is on me but I ain't CHecking the score (out of respect for my older sister).

    One of the vineyards attendants thumb-ups me, 2-1 Habs!

    My sister loads up on an amazing Gamay Noir 2009.

    Off to Flat Rock we go:

    I walk in and get a big hello and a 'hey its 3-1!. I kissed the owners wife on the lips. (Its a FrenCH thing).

    My sister loads up on some Reisling and Twisted CHard. I am not partial to Reisling. We grabbed a bottle of 'bubbly blend' for the hotel room pre-event CHeer.

    Back in the car (fuck I hate limiting my wine tastings!) and off to Vineland:

    More Reisling! and ash the summer splash of Pinot Grigio!!!

    My sister loads up as I CHat up the very cute rookie staffer. I should get a job there. Things were going oh so smoothly, until, she, tells me it is 3-3, oh wait, 4-3. I says, oh well they came back from the tie game.

    You know the rest.

  14. Fucking tsn pinhead rod smarmy smith says the 'Habs are still lamenting over their loss'. Fuck off mediot.

    1. the Maritimer7:58 PM

      That asshole should be reading the articles where Therrien, Gorges and Price will dispute that ridiculous notion. They've already moved on and are quite happy with split. They have to make a few adjustments but that's all.

      The only lamenting going on is the mediots have no fucking leaf to talk about.

  15. Too funny, as he sits as close to mclame's lap as possible, bjsuck, as mclame's cock bangs the back of his throat, calls Brad Richards 'Richie'.

  16. Oh boy! Game day!! It's not even 8.00am in the UK and I am already nervous. How am I going to concentrate on a full day's work...? Might have to go to the pub for lunch...Go Habs Go!! Go Habs Go!!

  17. Hello? Can you hear me? I'm stranded in the town of Wonju, about 1.5 hours away from Seoul. I went to Pyeongchang to visit a friend yesterday and I've been trying to get home since 11am this morning (it's now 6pm). It should have been just a 2 hour bus ride, but all buses to Seoul were sold out. So my friend drove me to another town where I got a ticket here to Wonju simply because it was as close as I could get. Now I'm in a PC bang (giant internet cafe, except it's full of young men playing loud video games eating ramyeon. Basically what you picture Asia to be). I think I finagled a train ticket to Seoul in a few hours time, but I could end up in North Korea for all I know.

    I realize it's a long weekend, but if they have this much trouble getting people between PyeongChang and Seoul now, just wait for the Olympics. Seriously, if every bus and train is sold out, you need more buses and trains.

    If you don't hear from me by game time send Dennis Rodman to search for me in the North.

    1. the Maritimer7:23 AM

      Make sure you have the right haircut.

    2. In Korea a haircut often comes with an handjob,

  18. Game day, already wearing the colours, Go You Fucking Habs GO!!!

  19. I am going to the States Wed. Could be touble because when they ask me at the border, I might just say " I am going to stab Ratface in the Cock"

  20. Can anyone guess who will be reffing tonite? Yes that mountain of integrity Tim fucking Peel.

  21. the Maritimer7:24 AM

    Game Day BitCHes!

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