May 29, 2014

Thank You Habs for a spectacular season ! ~ Merci à nos Canadiens !

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  1. Tokarski looked so dejected :(

  2. Thanks moeman and everyone else for giving me a safe place to vent my neurotic rants. It's Friday and sunny. Can't complain too much.

  3. Ah fuck! Thanks Moeman for a great season that ended too soon!

  4. the Maritimer7:04 AM

    Thanks moe (and sometimes 29) for a lot of FHFun. As was said by many others on the previous thread this is a great place to hang during the game and to occasionally rant to fellow Habs fans. God knows leaf and Boston fans have no sympathy for us.

    Kudos to Marc Bergevin for tweaking the team enough to make a damn good run for a Cup. I think the foundation is there and we have to be patient as he continues his work.

    Losing the first two games on home ice was the killer and they just didn't have enough in the tank to dig themselves out of that hole. I look forward to the draft and the off season to see what MB will do to improve the team even more.

    I applaud the Canadiens for a great season. Have a great summer everyone and I will still check in here from time to time.

  5. Chester8:08 AM

    It was a great run.
    It won't be the last.
    I enjoyed the season and the playoffs.
    Have a great summer, see you in the fall.
    Go Habs

  6. I'm starting to think we may have lost that Gomez trade. Ahh, what if...

  7. We have a lot to be proud of with our team. Still stings, but there is a lot of positive and the future looks bright for our CH. DGMB will be pulling up the shirt-sleeves poring over contracts and making decisions on UFAs. I think that maybe Vanek will be one of his easiest decisions. PFK will be his biggest priority and he will have to pay, the market, his Norris and his play in the off-season will give him no CHoice. gCHyuk is pure gold and sure to be a future superstar for his team. TFS - what needs to be said?
    Pretty sure MT has already been extended, given Bergevin's comments and I just hope gives the kids in the pipeline the CHance to develop.
    Yes, the future looks very bright for us Habs fans.

  8. Not Geoff Molson12:26 PM

    Thank you Habs for the great run. The team is so close to really returning to the upper echelons for a long run. The grit they played with without their MVP goalie was amazing (and discovered another netkeeping superstar). Thank you all who wore the sacred CH this year for your efforts and DGMB is working hard to reach the excellence demanded by Selke and Pollock.

    Thank you for giving the league and the cockroaches fits since you disrupted their cup dreams of the pathetic laffs, gooning Bs, and almost upended the plans of the dirty rags. I hope all the Knicks fans are happy their MSG team is in the final.

    Consider this: 1974 playoffs lost in quarters vs the dirty rags; 1975 lost in semis to the Sabres; 1976-79 legendary run of Cup success. I'm excited to see what is in store for this team.

    1. Not Geoff Molson12:32 PM

      And thank you everyone here (with extra recognition to Moeman) for the great online atmosphere. I wasn't a regular poster, but enjoyed the comments as a reader.

  9. Great season - great team - great posts. Thanks.

  10. The pundits always underestimate the Canadiens. It must be that many never actually watch them.

    This year, though they loathed having to watch Montreal, they were forced to because the Habs didn't miss the playoffs as they had thought, but overachieved time and time again.

    Read more:

  11. An apropos CHoice of music with a great performance.

  12. MONTREAL – Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin announced Friday the signing of defenseman Dalton Thrower to a three-year contract (2014-15 to 2016-17).

    Thrower, 20, recorded 39 points (12 goals, 27 assists) in 42 games with the WHL’s Vancouver Giants in 2013-14. The 6’00’’, 203 lb. defenseman led the Giants with a plus-9 differential and also led all Vancouver defensemen with eight power play goals.

    Thrower registered 147 points (42 goals, 105 assists) in 285 games since his junior debut in the WHL with the Saskatoon Blades in 2009-10. He served 414 penalty minutes and maintained a plus-39 differential. He added five points (2 goals, 3 assists) and 23 penalty minutes in 26 playoff games.

    A native of Squamish, British Columbia, Thrower was selected by the Canadiens in the second round, 51st overall at the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

    1. the Maritimer2:43 PM

      This is the guy I am waiting for. Not overly big but tough as nails and plays with a nasty edge. He wouldn't hesitate to destroy a fucking rat like Marchand.

  13. Habs / Youppi have to pay up on the bet with Jimmy Fallon

  14. "My Encounter With A Ranger Fan"
    by: orangeman

    Went out tonight for some residual birthday drinks from a couple of friends that were out of town last weekend. One is a Hawk fan from Chi-Town. The other is not a fan of any particular team but has a few years/decades on me and always says his hardcore English Saskatchewan dad would make him watch Canadiens hockey in the 70s to show what 'real' hockey was. While the word "frogs" was brought up quite a bit, this friend tells me, it was always in reference to how the French players brought skill back to the league after the bullies from Philly.

    This Saskwatch friend and I are walking down Itaewon's strip (Steve knows, but you wouldn't recognize it today. She-she bars and cosmetic shops now) to find a cab and I spot a fellow foreigner in a Ranger jersey. I say something under my breath, which after 5 bottles of whiskey is more like a pointed shout. Luckily, he doesn't hear me.

    At the stop light we meet again. This time I attempt to be the better man. It's hard, as I am not better than most, and barely a man. I walk over with Saskwatch's mouth agape in anticipated horror. I reach out my hand and say, "Hey man, I just want to say I'm a Habs fan. Congratulations. You guys deserved it. Good luck in the finals."

    The Ranger fan says, a bit taken aback because you don't hear much hockey talk in this country, "Wow. Thanks. You guys put up a good fight. You know who my second favourite team is? The Habs. I'm from New Jersey"

    *Hiss Boo*

    "And I hate the Yankees. I want the Habs to take over the best sports team ever trophy from them again. It was a great series."

    Me: "Yeah it was. I do wish you luck because LA looks really good."

    Him: "Yeah, we won't beat them. Or Chicago. I'm sad Price went out. It would have been better with him there."

    Me: "Injuries are part of the game."

    Him: "Yeah, but still. Thanks for coming over. Montreal fans are the best. You guys really know hockey. I love your city."

    Me: "I love your city."

    Him: "You have such a great young team. See you next year. With Price."

    Me: "See you next week. Good luck."

    And so ended the blood feud. Dogs were seen dancing with cats. Jews and Arabs were holding hands. The Vulcans landed and humanity came together to celebrate the Warp era.

    *cleaned up for language and various soju shots done

    1. the Maritimer9:01 PM

      Well done. Thanks for making us all look classy. Which for the most part, we are.

  15. Like I'd CHeat my FHFiends: