May 11, 2014

To all FHF Moms and Moms of FHFers


  1. Thank you moeman and Happy Mother's day to all the Moms.

  2. the Maritimer11:16 AM

    iRiRi2:07 AM

    Feeling wired so just thought I'd pop in to say...


    I want nothing more than to see those fools STFU. GAME 7 FTW!

    /passes out till noon

    I'll add a big FUCK RATFACE, FUCK CLOD!!

    Happy Mother's Day all!

  3. Do mums of furkids count?

    I think a team hug is in order, it worked for Bourque.

    1. Off course cat Moms count.

  4. the Maritimer4:26 PM

    Quite the fine Thornton got. He'll be really scared to do that again. Guaranteed the HNIC morons will be joking about that and all the other shit their beloved b's get away with. I'm done with watching those fucking assholes, I'll have to listen to the game on the internet tomorrow and watch the comments here. GO HABS GO!

    1. All the CotU mediots think this is a fucking joke. Like the M. I hit a fucking wall and bailed because the cockroaches were, in unison, sucking broon cock so hard. They make it too obvious. Nothing but matt fraser praises from every single cockroach (oh and a little we literally asked reilly's family to send pics) . It got really weird when Hrudey jumped on, then to start the 3rd period scot thick as an oake did the same. This is not happenstance, this is produced and directed from the top. These sick fucks will slag the Habs and praise their broon to no fucking end. When a sick fuck like huge son wets himself thinking how great a broon goal could have been, thats it man. There is nothing more unCanadian than these fuckers.

    2. This is exactly why the Habs win will be sooooooo sweeeeet!

    3. As a Hab fan obviously it has always bothered me how the HNIC crew would diss Montreal and fellate the leaf and broons. But what really made me see their true colours was this past February when they were cheering on Team USA against Team Canada because of Kessel and JVR. It was disgusting and really showed what their priorities are over at CBC. National network my ass.

  5. I find it so laughable that after every dirty cheap shot by a bruin (so like twice a week at least), Julien always says he doesn't support that sort of behaviour. Well, either you do support it or your players do not listen to you at all. Either way, you're a terrible coach.

  6. Habs in 7. Bring on the Rangers. diebroonzdie. No more mention of that network.

  7. Just spent some time reading bruin comments all over the web. Yes, I was amazed they could turn on a computer, too. I would also be impressed that they're somewhat literate, but after reading all these comments I'm not so convinced.

    Anyway, I realize it's the web but it's really funny. One choice cut (I'm cleaning up the grammar for it to make some sense. Again, these are bruin fans):

    "Anyone bringing up the racist tweets is an french forg fuck!"

    Which, I think, sums up their whole fan base and team culture. leaf fans are incredibly self-absorbed, but the bruins always go on the offensive against others, especially when one of their own has been proven to be a cheap shot artists yet again. So thus, with Thorton outed again today, their fans have been on full offense claiming the Habs are the cheapest team in the league, etc., etc. Nothing new.

    Oh god I want to beat them. At least G6. Right in their arrogant dirty piece of shit faces. I want PK to score 10 goals and sign them and hand them to each goon on the bench and for the media to freak out about how disrespectful he is. I want the bruins to complain about the reffing and for Clod to cry after the game. I want court documents to come out that proves the broons and NHL are in bed, and for the media to actually pay attention this time. I want the media to highlight the fact that Jeremy Jacobs is not only a member of a whites only club in Mass, he is on its board and has fought to keep it whites only. And I want someone on the Habs to hit Thorton so hard he lies on the ice, and then they can bring a water bottle over and offer him some and spray some on him as he lies in agony.

    Ok, calm. They are evil. They will eventually get theirs. Calm.

  8. Game 5 was a huge disappointment - I saw very little jump and an overall lack of interest in creating any sustained pressure in the b's end. And so, as they were not interested, I left after the 2nd period (it was 2 am by that point). I watched the 3rd back later on Mother's Day and saw a lot more of the same...until the end, when for some reason all of the sudden they seemed interested again. My lasting vision from Game 5 was PFK almost jumping up and down on the PP. He wanted the puck so bad! And when he got it, he absolutely buried it! That is what every Hab needs to do in Game 6. They have to want the puck on their stick so bad it hurts! PFK has stepped up in the playoffs and become the leader the Habs really need. But a leader needs followers or he's on his own. If those followers can take his example and put the effort in, then the Habs will be alright. If they let him lead on his own...(and the followers I am referring to know who they are!). Go Habs Go!!

    ps. Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there! The UK celebrated in March.