Nov 16, 2014

TMS just got home really drunk from a Greek wedding and is posting these late night long form video highlights after a win

Did we win?


  1. I just watCHed the long form highlights after a win. I think we won

  2. We fuckin'g won...big time! Oh...and the leaf lost big time as well!

  3. the Maritimer7:37 AM

    No. 1 overall in a 30 team league. Let's all enjoy the moment and have forgiveness in our hearts if our beloved Habs fall tonight in Detroit. If that happens I doubt the many Habs fans in attendance will be throwing their Habs apparel onto the ice.

    One other thing, Marc Bergevin has put the lustre back on this franchise in a relatively short time. Great job MB.

  4. Thanks 29.

    I'm not hungover, I just don't want to startle the Red Wings by getting up!"

  5. Please try to keep your voices down, thanks. oof

    Go Als Go!

    1. the Maritimer9:32 AM

      So, you got married to a Greek girl last night?

  6. Beauty win even the the Phuctards have lost most of there Phuck this year. Stil fuming over the blatent bais by the refs.
    Should be a real old time high skill game tonite. I second the motion that DGMB is the best GM we have had in decades.If he can trade DD for a second line center he wins GM of the year hands down. I really become a big fan of Chip Dutch Gretzky.
    Dale Kenton Wiese, Kenton? He was 111 overall pick by the Rags, picked up by the Nucks on waviers. Now at 26 he is a protytypical role player, the kind you win cups with.

  7. the Maritimer10:02 AM

    Can't say enough good things about Dale Weiss. Mike Gillis should be fired for trading him out of Vancouver. Wait.....

  8. Phil Kessel to reporters after blowout loss to Sabres: 'Get away from me'

  9. Thanks for bailing me out 29!

  10. I gave them a few choice words, but can we all start using this? We need to fill their e-mail with the overall message that their BS it obvious, and will not be tolerated.
    Last night's referees: Dan O'Rourke and Dennis LaRue