May 6, 2015

Bonne Fête kidG

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  1. anybody notice that gwg was an apt summation of the team captain's collective failures this second round?

    1. #14 stupid pass into feet of
    2. #67
    3. #79 most pathetic attempt at blocking a pass
    4. #76 not recognising the danger and/or not hustling to mark his man
    5. #31 for not blocking the pass and/or stopping a routine same 14 games ago.
    6. i second that: #11 needs to be captain

  2. It will all end tomorrow
    Fire MT
    Hire Babcock

  3. Aw Fuck! I really thought they'd make it happen last night...missed chances, posts...Aw Fuck! ...

    So now we all have to channel juce and remain positive - the Habs can't get swept by these fucking guys! No way baby! One Game at a time! One win - tonight! Then take it home and win again in front of Mrs. B - and the swing will be with us...come back to Tampa - break that fucking monkey in half and then win it in seven at home in front of all the Gods!!! It can be done people. It can fucking be done!!! It all starts with one win...There is absolutely no pressure on the Habs - everyone has written them off. No one expects anything except a four game sweep - so no pressure whatsoever. One game - one win - move on - nothing to see here folks. Go Habs Go!!

    1. plus one game, bring it home boys, one more at home

  4. Fuck everyone. Fire everyone. Fuck them.

  5. Expect a tsumani of bullshit comments from me right now.

    First, to get it out of the way,


  6. It might be the vodka, but I nearly cried when I saw DDD out there to take the face off on the 3rd period PP. Not because I hate him, not because I don't think he can do anything. But because it just finally hit home, REALLY hit home, that MT will never change his ways, and thus the Habs will never win the Cup with him behind the bench. When you add in the fact that he's not going to get fired any time soon, about 5 years of prime years for the legit stars on this team flashed before my eyes. It will never get better.

    So I come back from my 2 second depressing flashforward and say to myself, "DD will lose the faceoff, TB will clear, they won't re-enter the zone until about 40 seconds left and then get some medium danger chances", and that's exactly what happened. I'm not a fucking prophet here guys, but I am apparently smarter than a 5th grader (that's the highest education MT has gotten, right?).

    But that's not the thing that made me sad. What really made me sad, what really caused me to blackout into that dystopian future, was the realization that MT actually does realize this and he doesn't care. He's put his pay cheque on black, and lost it. He put his kid's college fund on black and lost it. He's put his mortgage, wedding ring, RRSP on black and lost it. He is a sick man that is convinced that black has to hit eventually. He's too stubborn to try red. He'd rather end up with a gun in his mouth and an extra hole in his head out in his parked car in the casino parking lot than try red and have black finally hit.

    And then they scored later on and that was nice, honestly it didn't matter to me (besides Gallagher's inhuman effort). Because the next time they had an opportunity to win it, whether it be this game or the next, MT would take out another mob loan and put it all on black.

  7. Now for a less "hide the sharp objects!" post.

    Montreal was clearly the better team. Clearly. They were, for the most part, the better team in Game 1, too. That doesn't really mean anything, but it's something to take away.

    This was probably their best game in a very long time. There was passion, for the most part, something I haven't seen from most of the guys for over a month (maybe longer). So that was nice to see. KidG is a beast. I would love to see him get the "C", but the refs don't respect him at all. That's a problem when he's the face of your team to the officials. It's not his fault at all, it's completely unfair. But the fact remains if the guy who is representing your team to the officials is looked at as a diver or complainer (which, again is TOTALLY UNFOUNDED AND UNFAIR), you're putting your team at a disadvantage. I mean, we all already know that they're at a disadvantage when it comes to the officials (tonight was obvious).

    Speaking of which, whatever, the refs aren't why they lost. But remember when Lee blew that call against the Sens with the loose puck? The cameras showed him slumped over shaking his head. He was obviously sorry and embarrassed for making that mistake. Nothing wrong with a bit of humanity, refs are humans and it's actually good to see them acknowledge mistakes. But I've counted at least 4 similar quick whistles against the Habs this series so far. Part of the game, goes both ways, no problem. But I haven't seen a ref in a similar position, slumped over, distraught over his bad call. Same with the missed offside in game 1. Not why the Habs lost, still part of the game. The "code" would suggest, however, that the officials "owe" the Habs one. Not to make things up, but to maybe be a little more precise against the Bolts or forgiving against the Habs in the future. I've seen nothing but the reverse in the last two games. That "offside" on the 2on1 in the 2nd was paper thin. Could have gone either way. Fine, they called it. Yet I saw at least one, if not more, obvious offsides go undetected for the Bolts in the last 2 games.

    Maybe it is my tin foil hat. But only amateur paranoids only look at penalties (which have been ridiculous this series as well). It's the smaller things that go undetected in the box scores. Offsides, quick whistles, icings. These can all lead to a much different kind of game, and we've all been noticing that it's been skewed since the beginning of the season.

    But, like I've said, that's not why they lost. They lost because they can't capitalize on their chances, they have the wrong people in the wrong roles, their special teams are special in the Olympian sort of way and some guys obviously are out of their depth.

  8. I WARNED YOU ABOUT THE TSUMANI! (just be grateful that I can't drink during most games)

    My cousin was down in Florida to watch the game (apparently airfare+hotel+ticket was cheaper than seeing on in Montreal, he lives up the street from the Bell Center). Apart from the tears, he says that Tampa fans were harassing him and his boyfriend to go back to Canada, various anti-French comments, and (as you may have picked up form the boyfriend comment) perhaps some gay slurs (unconfirmed). I wonder if the media will pick up on this story in order to prove that Tampa fans are the worst in the league?

    In other news, I really, really, really want the Caps to win their series (haven't even checked on their game yet) and for Ovie to light up Bishop. I don't care that it'll make Montreal look bad (the Wings have already done that). I want Bishop to be destroyed. Not because he's good, I really respect good goalies (I rooted for Hasek all those years he was embarrasing the Habs) but because he's not good! He really isn't! He's huge, but he's just not good! I CHOOSE TO DIRECT ALL MY ANGER AND HATE AT HIM RIGHT NOW.

    Ok, off to listen to some death metal and chug some more vodka. I hope to make it to tomorrow's game live, I'm a fan of this team and always will be. But I'm very emotional right now. And by emotional, I mean violent. Good thing I know a lawyer here.

  9. I've calmed down a bit. I never really expected this team to go beyond the 2nd round this year. So that's ok. And apparently sweeping is the only way Montreal and Tampa can relate to each other (and yes, I don't believe they will win tomorrow. In fact, I expect them to be totally outplayed and even blown out if Price just gives up...PROVE ME WRONG KIDS! PROVE ME WRONG!)

    What's important is that changes are made in the off season. That's why I had that terrible blackout I spoke of during the game. I'm not so sure what needs to be done will be done. Again, prove me wrong kids.

    It's pretty crazy to think they have lost five out of their last six in the playoffs, yet are still alive in the second round. You can say game 1 went to double OT and this one ended...fight back the the last second. But they won 2 games last series in OT and Price had to be godly and still depend on a blown call to win another one. Yet again, success hides the fact that they really haven't preformed very well. I hope MB realizes this. Obviously a whole rebuild isn't needed, not even firing the coach.

    GO HABS GO! because I still love them, goddamn it!

    (put the vodka down and back away slowly...)

  10. Ok, ok. SHUT UP O'MAN!

    I have to say that I wasn't too surprised by the ending because although gamecenter has been one of my smartest purchases ever, when you watch on delay they have a timer on the bottom. So, it'll say you're 30:49 into the game broadcast, and then have the total time at the end. So, given that I knew once the Habs tied it up there was only enough time left for someone to score again in regulation. That sort of made it exciting, thinking that any shot could go in. However, when the Habs gave up the puck and TB stormed into the o-zone with 7 seconds left, I knew there could only be one outcome. Frankly, I looked away once it got near Price and shut off the computer when I heard Hughson's excitement and glee. I couldn't even tell you what the play looked like. I never want to see it again, to be honest.

  11. Quote from MT's press conference:

    "We honestly don't have that many adjustments to make"

    Again, I think they outplayed TB this game. But this guy has been saying this for months and lived up to it. Eventually you have to make some motherfucking adjustments.

    Sorry to go all Brad Watson there. But, to be fair, Colin Campbell has reviewed my comment and has concluded that I said nothing wrong, there was no swearing and it is you, the reader, who is at fault. I will forward you the bank account where you can send your $5000 fine.

  12. SERIOUSLY O'MAN, GO TO BED! (It's only 750pm here, but I'm trying my best to knock myself out)

    MT's own words, DD was almost too sick to play. He got more minutes than gCHuck and Lego (among others). And when I say minuteS, I mean multiple. Over 15, to be exact.

    Not DD's fault they lost, though. Just wrong players in the wrong roles, all season long.

  13. the Maritimer7:37 AM

    First, I have to congratulate Orangeman for being able to articulate his feelings so well while drunk on vodka. That's one booze I cannot drink in any shape or form, that and tequila.

    The Habs as currently constructed are not a Stanley Cup contender. MB said they may take a step back this season and he was correct. They can't play any better. They have enough players who can get them to the playoffs but not enough to get them through. The top 6 are only a top 4, maybe three and have been rendered ineffective. The bottom 6 are adequate and can contribute on occasion but elevating some of them like Dale or DSP to the top two lines is a waste of time, but it was all MT had to work with. The defence is OK, guys like Plaid, N8 and TinTin will eventually strengthen it but for now, well, Vodkov is just about out of gas, if he already isn't. He needs to play way fewer minutes. Price is great, no worries there.

    All MB can do is keep drafting and developing, hopefully he can find some help for Patches, gCHuk and KidG up front. I still think Lego should be a top 2 center but MT will never give in on that.

    Have a great day gang! Hold you heads up high and G Y F H G!!!!


  15. Go Habs Go!! Go Habs Go!! Go Habs Go!! Go Habs Go!! Go Habs Go!! Go Habs Go!! Go Habs Go!! Go Habs Go!!!!!!!!!