Jan 27, 2016

One more time, noooooooo!

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  1. I saw Meaney in the late 80s and literally busted a gut. He opened for Gilbert Godfried, who was incredibly absurd but crazy funny. I needed a good laugh.

  2. As always Moeman, you have captured the mood of your audience perfectly - both for the ASG and for the Habs in general. I'm going to spend some quality time with my family for the next few weeks, get to bed early and focus on things that I matter. There is no hockey whatsoever being played for the next week and then after it will be only sporadic glimpses to see how much farther backwards this slide takes them. I was pretty certain that if they lost both ends of the games against Columbus something would change - the ASG gives you time to make a move and settle someone in...but then they beat the leaf so suddenly the pressure dropped a bit. Now I feel that the only thing to make DGMB make a move before the season ends is when the leaf pass the Habs in the standings. But if that is the case then DGMB best start worrying that his position isn't as safe as he might think. It's all on him remember!!

    1. K3X, don't forget I love sarcasm too.

      Like true Habs fans I do care but not with the current 'system'. I never expected them to lose a game vs. CBus but man did they play some really shitty hockey, the entire team BTW.

      I won't shit on MT2 as a person but he has lost this team but good. TFS or no TFS, the coaching staff is clueless. The system is fucking lame. Skill (and speed) are not being used to effect. There is no way in heLL that a power play can be this consistently bad. Same goes for using the putrid dump and chase and not being able to clear one's zone.

      I too will CHill out some. I'm not big on talking trades and moves and such, until an actual transaction or firing happens.

      Until then, GYFHG!

  3. There is always next year. The fact is we have burned two valuable assets. Vodkov and SuperPlexxxe seem to be past due. Assume Lego can be Superplexxxe, we do not have a new Vodkov. Still short a big center and general on the point. We have a lot of names who can fill in the wings. Lets hope Big Mac and Hudon can star.

  4. I think MB is right that it's on him. From the moment he signed Petry, he has made no moves that made sense. Prust for Kassian? Did not pan out. Picking up Semin? Did not pan out. Changing out Toker for Condon/Scrivens? As much as I like Condon's heart, he is a solid back-up and no more. Scrivens is 0-4 in his starts and is a very good AHL goalie at best. And the signings? Therrien for four years? Pleks for another two? I think there is a lot to be said for Gainey's old rule that would have him wait until the end of the season - even with his captain - before extending a contract to re-sign. It kept them hungry and motivated. MB's assurance the coaching staff would not be changed for the balance of the season did nothing but deflate the whole team, by the looks of it.

    In short: the players have no answers. The coaches have no answers. The GM has no answers. The owner? If I'm Geoff Molson, my question is: where are this year's play-off receipts (at 69 cents on the dollar against what I am paying all yous guys?)

    To that, there is apparently going to be a resounding silence from all involved.

    1. And my forgotten point: in hindsight, perhaps building a team around TFS is a risky venture, if that means the type of back-up you are liable to have on your roster is not strong enough to hold the fort for any length of time. A really sturdy back-up, the kind of goalie who has his sights on being a #1 someday, is not likely to want to be in a position of being decidedly second fiddle for years to come. In Toker, it led him to complacency, and he just about totally lost his game. That said, TFS has certainly had his share of serious injuries.

  5. Who coaches this team will always be a problem if politics are involved in the decision making. They shrink the talent pool right from the get-go, it's like having only 3rd or 4th round picks to select in the draft and you can't pick up one of the top 3 available who end up going to other teams. Hire the best guy - period, live with the ensuing uproar that eventually will die down to a quiet din as time passes because what fans really want to see are Stanley Cups.

  6. This is awesome.


  7. They showed the video of those two young boys being give pucks by Weise and then kidA tapping the glass during the game last night on SN. It reminds me this is just a game and the pure joy on the faces of those boys is priceless. The little guy on the left hugging his puck - AWESOME. Habs fans don't need no stinking puppies. Give us pucks! Anyway, that reminds me it's not always about winning and losing - it's the experience. Those guys are pretty young, so they may not keep that moment in their memory banks forever, but it will be there a long, long time. And hopefully 30 years from now and MT hasn't been fired yet because there isn't another suitable francophone coach available, and they're griping about it in their virtual reality Four Habs Robots chatroom, they are able to think back to this moment and remember, it's only a game.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9Vkpwt6POo

  8. I mentioned in a previous thread that I like listening (when I have a chance) to Nilan.

    The first few minutes of the latest H i/o video say it all;


    FWIW, I scan the H i/o comments but haven't put a comment up there in almost 3 years (might be more). There are some interesting viewpoints but way too many over the top 'fans', the way too obvious trolls and a few that have taken over the site as if it was their own. I was booted off for swearing. Fuck them, I have a joint where I and my FHFriends can say whatever the fuck they want. I chime in with new posts and once in a while I'll drop some more serious commentary.

    Also, I love Andie Bennett (sic?). Yes she is easy on the eyes and I love her voice too but mostly I love that she is a fan and has some well-thought out comments that are passionate.

    1. Chester1:23 PM

      I got booted off by calling the west island the waste island.
      But HEY, that's what us NDG boys called it.
      Too fucking bad.
      Can you get Andie Bennett to come here?
      She's great.
      Go Habs

  9. I may not be caring 100% right now but one of the special Canadiens issues near and dear to me and I am sure most FHFers, is the Francophone-first fiasco.

    1. I am Francophone, or as I prefer to say French-Canadian
    2. I fully appreciate and understand the importance, beyond culture, of the Montreal Canadiens Francophone roots (I was baptized Maurice FFS (translate as ECT; Estied'Calicede-Tabarnaque)
    3. I believe it is a privilege for any/all Francophone (born in Quebec or not) players that get to put on a CH jersey
    4. In a similar vein, Francophone coaches get the same privilege NTTIAWWT
    5. If/when a Francophone player joins the Habs I hope his heritage gives him that extra CHez nous push/vibe/bonus/free danse-à-dix, aka CHampagne
    6. Understanding the historic and cultural importance, I think limiting a team's potential success because of language is hurtful moving forward and I see no problem 'adding' staff that is more local (eg. get Larry Robinson to coach, get Guy Boucher as an assistant, hire a great up-and-coming QMJHL coach to fill a spot and NOT for looks alone Kirk Muller (the Habs should be given kudos for this over the years)
    7. Geoff Molson needs to re-iterate this
    8. The RDS' anti-CH panel needs to drain it's blue balls and stop slagging the Ellers and Fleischmanns and Petrys and Subbans, unless of course they also decide to focus their comments on Desharnais, Therrien, Daigneault, Lacroix and Bergevin
    9. I believe some of the RDS people are simply biting their langue as they await careers at TVA
    10. Je me souviens of 1993, 1986, the 1970s, ...

    1. the Maritimer6:48 PM

      Hi moe, that was a very well thought out comment. I was going to write a long counterpoint but decided to just quote Ken Dryden from his book The Game. Basically it was: "Going forward do the Montreal Canadiens want to be 'French' or do they want to win?"

      As I stated in an earlier thread I've been reading Chris Nilan's book and thinking about those 1980's squads who were "heavier" teams unlike the Flying Frenchmen of the 60's and 70's. Who were the French-Canadien stars of the 80's teams? The leaders on the '86 team were Bob Gainey, Larry Robinson and Mario Tremblay. The offensive leaders were Bobby Smith, Ryan Walter and Mats Naslund with timely help from Claude Lemieux and Guy Carbonneau and of course other worldly goaltending by the great Patrick Roy. Different times had already begun.

      Would Mike Babcock have done more with the current team than Therrien? Even without Carey Price he believe he would have. I think he could have used the personnel more effectively than MT. However, we'll never know.

      Bottom line if the Habs want to be successful again they have to select their management the same way as they supposedly draft players: Choose the best one available regardless of position played.

      I hope this makes sense, I'm really tired.

    2. the Maritimer6:51 PM

      Just to point out I am in no way anti-French, I'm part Acadien and only trying to be logical.

    3. Lots of sense in your comment the M.

      Babs saw an opening and went for the money.

    4. Nothing sexier than an Acadien accent. Mme. the M. is one lucky gal.

    5. the Maritimer8:01 PM

      That's what she says all the time! ;-)

      BTW, loved Nilan's rant on this week's Inside/Out. The Habs are lost, without direction. That's on Therrien. So, either he can't get through to them or they are not listening.

    6. Like the Maritimer, I am not anti-French either, born and raised here and I will never leave my beautiful city with it's rich culture that I love with all my heart and I do believe the people get along with each other, it's mostly the politicians who continually stir the pot, but I do know one thing that is certain, if the coach's name was Johnson or Livingston, his ass would have been booted to the curb by now, this is one of the worst stretches this team has seen since, what 1940-something? This team isn't the team that played 9-0 nor are they a team that is this bad either, even without TFS, they are not this bad. We see MT make in game decisions which leave most scratching their heads and if we, who are just fans, can see it, then certainly MB and Molson must see the same things we are.

    7. Something smells in the head office. Nilan's rant, Todd's call for MB to go (since he shot his credibility to hell saying eMTy is staying come hell or high water), and over the mishandling of TFS in all of this.

      T'as raison, moeman.

      I am an anglo québecois-de-douche (TM) myself, who came to love the Habs as a teenager in Sherbrooke growing up next door to a transplanted Boston family that turned my stomach daily with their All-Boston team loving, Canadiens-hating anti-french BS. I remember Bob Berry coaching with no one giving two shits how much french was in his vocabulary (let alone his bloodlines). I get that the media needs some french quotes on a daily basis, but I believe a Kirk Muller or a Larry Robinson or any one of a host of other bona fide coaches would be as welcome as an American team captain (or two) that show they bleed bleu-blanc-rouge.

  10. I think coaches are highly overated. If a player has CHaracter he needs to coach to let him play hockey. To many x and o's. I am not Bilingual but I admire Quebec. Quebec is an alternative to the man. Sure it may have flaws and have the MOb running things. But here is Ontario maybe we have rose colored glasses and just expalain away things that everyone in Quebec knows was corruption. We live on a fragile planet run on lies and superstition. I had a Ski doo my Dad bought me for my 12th birthday, it was named an ELAN. This is what it means to play hockey in Montreal. You may not be French but you better have fucking ELAN. Politicaly correct does not cut the grass. I want my Canadiens to be flying frenchman no matter what it says on the passport. FFS speaking another language is not the manhattan project. One cute girl could teach the whole team until one member married her. The ends do not justify the means, never. I do not want to win the cup and lose my soul, thats Buttman. I know we can do both. It starts at the draft. If you are property of the CH you start leaning french. We could start with kissing.

    I feel like a Harperite on Trudeau morning. The cognitive dissonance letdown is hitting me like
    Ruby Ridge or the wave that gave us FUKUSHIMA. Are we truly just fucked, just another data base of favorites for the corporation to mine until we have run out of polyester to buy? Cause thanks to free trade who can afford actual tickets anymore?

    I have to admit the election of JT made me happy. This was I guy I put all my dreams into his holster. I know he cant draw down on everything. But on base principles he conviced me he wants Canada back. For me the TPP is the silver bullet. If he pulls the trigger on that, I will abandon all hope and go back to doing all the self destructive behaviors that characaterise my life. Its what in the olden days we called fun.

  11. I'm starting to think DGMB was/is a fan of the 'reality' show Storage Wars. Look what I paid for what I found (now try reselling it).

  12. Can we all just admit the all star week is a huge cosmic joke and no one is laughing

  13. Can you imagine the SFU slag party if it was PFK (or any Hab, but esp PFK) who cross-checked a linesman and the price the team would pay for eternity?

  14. Cool;


  15. When Dylan dies the world goes with him. No one has ever played in his leauge. Perl Jam, John Prine
    and Smashing Pumkins sometiems Radiohead. But no one has ever approached him

  16. the Maritimer5:57 PM

    Looking forward to the upcoming superhero blockbuster movie season, which will ease the pain of no playoff hockey this spring.

    Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
    Captain America: Civil War
    X-Men: Age of Apocalypse
    Suicide Squad (with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn)
    Doctor Strange

    plus, the new Star Trek movie and I think the Independence Day reboot.

    I forgot to mention earlier --- booing PFK, one of the very few actually trying out there? Really? For shame Bell Center faithful....

    1. all c0mic books and there is more to be writen or I hple

  17. Link was on the laff network, I can fully understand why Scott stood firm on going to the ASG, makes you see the human side of things.

    "So when someone from the NHL calls me and says, “Do you think this is something your kids would be proud of?
    … That’s when they lost me.

    "That was it, right there. That was the moment.

    Because, while I may not deserve to be an NHL All-Star, I know I deserve to be the judge of what my kids will — and won’t — be proud of me for."


    1. the Maritimer8:26 PM

      love it when that little weasel buttman gets egg on his face. Shmuck.

      Speaking of lawyers where is 29? Did he come out of the Bell Center alive last Tuesday? Or is he still drunk?

  18. Also read that his ASG shirts have sold out on the league's site.

  19. I read the John Scott article on Players Tribute - a great read. And I have a completely new found respect for a guy who only wants to do what he can. He has no illusions of being an all-star and knows where his bread is buttered. He's grounded by the same things that ground us all - friends and family. The league has fucked this up completely and Bettman should hang his head in shame. Scott should enjoy the ASG for what it is - a bit of a free skate pick up game with the boys. I hope they set him up to score a goal or two just to rub it in. In the end, his kids will be there - proud of their Dad and that is all anyone who has children really wants - to have the people they love be proud of them.

    On another note - if this season is being written off, as DGMB's inaction, non-action and WTF action have very clearly proven, why not bring Scott up and park him in front of the net - a la Chara - on the Habs PP? I know that this would involve the other guys actually shooting the puck at the net instead of passing it around amongst themselves for a minute and a half, but it's a thought - and how much worse could it actually get?

    Roll on SF!

  20. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Buttman has no shame - if he had, he would have resigned years ago ...

  21. the Maritimer8:05 AM

    The whole John Scott affair and the callous dismissal of Jared Tinordi has tarnished Marc Bergevin's image in my eyes. This was not CH classy at all.

    Maybe buttman promised Molson the Habs will win the draft lottery this June. Pttewww!

  22. Chester8:10 AM

    John Scott has an engineering degree.
    He's no dummy.
    Buttman and the league are fuckwits.
    That's clear, but some smell rubbed off on us.
    I don't like that at all.
    Go Habs

  23. > http://fourhockeyfans.blogspot.ca/2016/01/need-some-sexy-friday-to-love.html