Jul 7, 2016

Steppin out (new thread until Sexy Friday)

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  1. Wait for it, DDD rumoured to be getting a two year extentsion. If that happens thats when I go bananas.

  2. the Maritimer8:52 AM

    I wonder what happens the first time gCHuk and Radulov get caught in a strip bar at 3:00am? Do Krusty the Klown and Sideshow Mike question their CHaracter and trade them to Vegas for their 1st pick in 2018? Stranger things have happened.... :-)

    1. gCHuck is already toast for knowing Evander Kane

  3. LOVE IT!!! E A D A

    I'm the Man was one of the first songs I learned how to play. joe can do it all - even symphony orchestra

  4. One thing I have always tried to maintain is a policy of "no regrets" I will almost never look back at something I have done and say "I regret doing that" Loads of stuff I've done I probably wouldn't repeat with hindsight but I regret very little of my life. In 1981 I went to a Who concert in tranna and Joe Jackson was the opening act. I screamed and booed and threw things to get him off the stage (along with a lot of others)...I regret doing that very much!

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