Jan 3, 2018

I've never been a fan of this, but is it


  1. Scott in Montreal1:13 PM

    The Gazette's Stu Cowan notes (gulp) DDD now has more points this season than Druid. This is what I wrote in comments over at Recrutes.ca:

    Drouin was supposed to be exciting. Maybe as a LW with a good C he could be.

    Subban was exciting. The guy we traded him for is only exciting when shooting howitzers on the PP

    Price is exciting – but like an AL pitcher, he needs run support for anything he does to matter.

    Radulov was exciting, like Kovalev before him.

    Markov was exciting.

    Byron was exciting – before opposing teams figured out how to neutralize him.

    Galchenyuk was exciting at C two years ago, and tries to be now – but usually only once a game, as if only on purpose.

    Emelin was also exciting, because of his ability to really shellac opposing players.

    I think even Jacques Martin’s shut-down Habs were more fun to watch than this season’s batch.

    It stunk to high heaven how Bergevin started the season with a sub-par squad and money and cap-space to spare with no plan to use it to give his squad a chance to compete. There are more than enough 2nd line wingers who can reliable pot 15 to 25 goals. But no serious #1 or #2 C – unless Drouin could be converted on a hope and a prayer.

  2. Tanking is hit or miss. You need top people to scout for the rebuild, management with a good grasp of hockey knowledge and manage to get a generational draft pick land in your lap and how often does that really happen? Tanking doesn't always work and with this crew at the helm, I wouldn't trust them with a shaved-ape-length hockey stick. BBB would probably spend that enormous cap space on more 4th liners and 'character' duds.

    Bring in a new, talented management team who knows what they're doing who's not hired because the language they speak or based on friendships, to shed some of that 'character' and can right the ship spending some money on quality players starting with a centre.

  3. BBQ wont be back before the All star break. CJ says the good news is no broken bones, the bad news...older bones take longer to heal.

  4. the Maritimer4:27 PM

    Full disclosure, I've only watched a minute or two here and there, see no signs of improvement and move on. I've read lots about this team though, comments from long time fans like myself who are beyond frustrated. I believe the truth is: there is a serious lack of talent on the team. They are still a small team AND lack foot speed. A chimp would have realized the new "defence" was anything but, with the names that were gathered up. Weber, older and slower; Benn + Alzzzner, no offensive skills to speak of and not great skaters with brain cramps galore; Jerabek, unknown and a gamble; Schlemko, seriously. The only one worth a damn is Petry and he's a #4 at best. Mete? Sure let's throw him to the wolves.

    Other than a top 5 goalie the Habs have SFA.

    They don't have to tank, it will occur organically. There are only 3 or 4 teams in the league who are worse, so we have to hope the Habs get the luck of the draw in June.

    I've said repeatedly I'm in for a full blown scorched earth rebuild. bargainbin and all his cronies must be turfed ahead of time. Trevor Timmins needs to be give full authority for the draft and not be overruled to pick homeboys. Git'r done!!

  5. First I hope this comment sticks cause I am way less a fan of blogger than the Habs.

    Second look at St Louis prospects.
    the first three would turn this team into a contender.
    the failure to draft and develop has killed the future for now
    So we are five years away from a contender
    As Juce says its not as easy as finishing last for five years.
    We have to hit the cap bottom anyway.
    So lets keep the guys over 25 who have CHaracter. I would resign superplexxxe, but if we could get something super for BBQ bye bye. For two seconds bye bye SSR. Patches is already gone, a good GM would have done him at the draft last year.

    Therefore we have KidA, gCHuck, Druid, CHud, fiver, auto, Leko, Dano,
    we aim for Karlson UFA. We do not take any UFA as rentals. We do not trade draft picks for anything.
    Poleling looks to be a number two lock. Lets hope this year we get Brady Tchkuck, next year a top dman, in 2022 we are back in the game. Our picks are ready to contribute and our core is in their prime years.

  6. I guess my version of tanking isn't actually losing on purpose. I can't imagine any professional athlete doing that. Pain me as it does to say so, a page from the recent leaf book shows thw way. A hockey man as prez, a competent GM and a successful coach in charge of removing bad contracts from a team, grabbing picks for a rebuild can make a HUGE difference in success moving forward. But we're all just dreaming since we know this team is handcuffed by the politics of language.

    1. the Maritimer8:05 PM

      Exactly, no pro hockey player loses on purpose. This team simply can't compete.

      Time for Geoff Molson to put on his big boy pants and say Fuck You to RDS and all the separatist newspapers and run HIS team as he sees fit.

  7. Dream trade. BBQ to Turds for Karlson and the princess. Cheapskate would do it just to lose the princess contract. We then sign Karl for 11 m or trade him at the draft. I know his contract cant be signed until Jul 2.

    1. Karlsson would definitely be a step in the right direction. I am not for tanking at all; just hoping they are smart enough to see there is no hope for this season, and instead, focusing on the next.

  8. > https://fourhockeyfans.blogspot.ca/2018/01/batten-down-hatches-tampa-is-in-town.html