Jan 2, 2018

Keep your new year happy! Or alternatively, tune into Game 40 Habs v Sharks.


  1. That last pic may be Mrs. Patches on her way to greener pastures according to EE over at SNoT. Well it wasn't really a prediction as much as a suggestion that Patches could well be traded.

  2. Hot chicken caesar. One of my favourite meals and one of the few salads I truly like.

  3. Just fucking win!

  4. Best way to start the New Year is win FFS!

  5. I'll bounce in/out. So far no tremblay on RDS.

  6. Nice moment for Bower.

    I don't recall the TML doing similar for Jean Beliveau.

  7. Just fucking score...

  8. 2-0 Sharks, not seeing 3 goals coming against their 3rd string goalie.

  9. Checking in now and then. Sad to see this team in this state. So many mistakes have been made since 'the trade'. Oh and look 2-0 Sharks. Off I go.

  10. 3-1 (it took a 5on3 to get one) Sharks just scored with less than 10 seconds left in the period.

  11. The Gazette's Stu Cowan notes (gulp) DDD now has more points this season than Druid. This is what I wrote in comments over at Recrutes.ca:

    Drouin was supposed to be exciting. Maybe as a LW with a good C he could be.

    Subban was exciting. The guy we traded him for is only exciting when shooting howitzers on the PP

    Price is exciting – but like an AL pitcher, he needs run support for anything he does to matter.

    Radulov was exciting, like Kovalev before him.

    Markov was exciting.

    Byron was exciting – before opposing teams figured out how to neutralize him.

    Galchenyuk was exciting at C two years ago, and tries to be now – but usually only once a game, as if only on purpose.

    Emelin was also exciting, because of his ability to really shellac opposing players.

    I think even Jacques Martin’s shut-down Habs were more fun to watch than this season’s batch.

    It stunk to high heaven how Bergevin started the season with a sub-par squad and money and cap-space to spare with no plan to use it to give his squad a chance to compete. There are more than enough 2nd line wingers who can reliable pot 15 to 25 goals. But no serious #1 or #2 C – unless Drouin could be converted on a hope and a prayer.

    1. Hey Scott, I subscribe to recrutes.ca and read that comments r - didn't make the association - liked it then, like it now.