Jan 7, 2018

Take a break. Habs v Canucks








  1. MmMmmmmmmmm...chocolate! Just fucking win!

  2. the Maritimer10:45 AM

    bargainbin's doing a press conference today? Why? Did he buy a dog? Maybe announcing his resignation? We can only hope. Take a hike you fucking idiot.

    1. Probably talk about how he's dicking over Victor Mete by making him come back to play for this fucking team rather than give him a shot at the Olympics. That and to let us know that trades are hard.

    2. He'll announce that he claimed Frank Corrado off waivers and signed him to a multi-year contract to shore up the D.

    3. HeHe...sounds about right...

  3. So where does one watch this all important press conference?

    1. the Maritimer2:47 PM

      According to EOTP you can catch it on RDS or listen on TSN 690. Personally, I wouldn't waste the time. EOTP will post all the "lowlites" later so you don't have to listen to the litany of excuses as to why the Habs are 27th in the league with Ottawa and Vancouver poised to pass them during the bi-week. Imagine, if Bozo didn't have his star goalie they would be worse than Buffalo or Arizona.

      This comment over at EOTP cracked me up regarding a possible bergevin statement: "I never shopped Al Montoya." I literally laughed out loud!

  4. the Maritimer2:52 PM

    Boston scored more goals last night in 2 periods than the Habs have in their last 6 games. Chew on that Mr. GM.

  5. R.I.P. Jerry Van Dyke

    1. RIP. He played 'dumb' very well.

  6. Live DGMB presser update;

    - clean shaven, nicely cut suit, baby blue tie
    - says fans need a half season update
    - seems very rushed
    - says no hiding being behind last years numbers
    - nothing specific defines the current standing
    - lack of consistency
    - errors cost matches
    - hope lives
    - no towel throwing (SWIDT)
    - short and long term vision, no mid stream stuff
    - buyer or seller, can't say, mortgaging the future not in the cards
    - says this team can win as constructed
    - trades are hard, CAP an issue (Habs have over $12M to spend)
    (shit in () are my comments)
    - no public comments on trades
    - hates using player names, some players haven't risen to the CH level
    - says Alzner needs to be better
    - about Druid, no Chemistry with PatCHes, a reality
    - admits errors and gains
    - no crystalbwalling but remains confident (smells like Geoff talked to him)
    - GAGnon asks him if he is worried for his job, says criticism comes with the job
    - very thick skinned, can handle the media shots
    - Engels aks about the cash on the table, should be spent
    - says cash was for 'certain' players (Vodkov, CHé)
    - no long term major risk taking (if you add an 'n' to taking you get tanking)
    - he's not sure this team makes the playoffs
    - says TFS™ is back to being TFS™ (his only lifeline)
    - says lottery is a lottery
    - Wilde; asks Druid as a centre, his answer is shall I say fluid (SWIDT)
    - talks playoff teams in/out changes, small margin
    - says Meat is back for the season, probably, BBQ is out for a while
    - good Q about lack of direction, says looking back, 3 years, mentions TFS™ (his lifeline)
    - excuses aren't reality (No, really)
    - mentions young guys like Leko, CHud, CHL and Sorbet (I have nicked sCHerbak!)
    - great Q, can a city like MTL handle a rebuild
    - mentions Avalanche rebound, no guarantees, he's a fighter
    - says he has talked to PatCHes, says he needs to 'feel' goals to get better
    - says they are good in the middle of the pack
    - prefers 'reset' vs. rebuild (vs. retool, SWIDT)
    - believes in BBQ and TFS™ as pillars
    - neither a buyer or seller, yet
    - about gCHuck, disappointing first half, amongst others
    - says 'play the right way' (I hate that regurgitated comment)
    - small moves, a la Tampa, because parity means anything can happen
    - getting that fanCHise #1 centre probably doesn't happen
    - missing points packing Dmen like Vodkov have hurt, says Vodkov left on his own
    - 'lack of respect for Vodkov', rare to deal with a player directly, a man of few words, needed an agent (disagree)
    - WJC prospects played well, says Meat was average, says Poehling (nicking him Raven until further ice time) was good
    - says Druid is still learning, is n't hurting him playing centre, calls him 'Jo'
    - in a perfect world we'd have a #1 centre

    Its a wrap. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 5.5

    1. Great summerisarion Moeman. I watched the HIO live feed on FB and thats about it. So no tanking (which is good) and play till the bell...well I guess we will see how it starts later tonight...

    2. the Maritimer6:34 PM

      Thanks for the bullitt (SWIDT) points moe. Same crap as usual, not unexpected. I saw a GIF on somebody's Twitter account of a truck stuck in mud up to the wheel hubs spinning away going nowhere, an excellent analogy of this franchise. "Won't mortgage the future"??? You fucking asshole you've already done that, twice over. Get lost you fucking preening peacock.

    3. OMG what hubris! Vodkov was a franchise player. He sought and attained Canadian Fucking Citizenship! He bled bleu-blanc-rouge and wanted to play here another year.

      That is all a GM with $12M in cap space and an owner with deep pockets should need to know. There is no law saying the player needs an agent, FFS

      Take. Responsibility. That is (or would be) leadership.

      No fucking wonder the team is rudderless. I have no sympathy for this lying turd of a GM. None. Take him out with the trash, Geoff, NOW-ISH!!

    4. And when I say bled, I mean like,... blood spewing out of his severed achilles tendon from TFS's skate bled... and went through two nasty knee injuries and long, painful physio after... all to come back for more, each time.

  7. Quebec-style spaghetti. Piece of maple fudge.

    Spent most of yesterday and part of the morning dealing with frozen pipes (SWIDT). First time ever in my almost now 30 years in my home. Used a small heater to warm up some below the sink pipes, no cutting of walls, etc. necessary. 24 hours later water is back and a balmy +2º announced (with lots of snow) tomorrow.

  8. Jack Toad;


    1. the Maritimer8:37 PM

      I guess Mr. Todd found this blog...

    2. I just read that article - he clearly needs to spend more time on this blog!!

  9. Just watching football befire checking in on the Habs. Great game this evening.

    1. Yep, Bills game sucked. Nice win by the Saints.

  10. So gCHuk's team leading 22 pts are 'disappointing', but Drouin just hasn't found that chemistry yet. Gotcha.

    Sounds like Bergy is here for at least the remainder of the season. Give him the keys and let him drive this rig right off the fucking cliff. Keep tearing it apart.

    And go Habs.

  11. Bullitt by gCHuk!

  12. gCHuk! Very disappointing.

  13. Habs looking decent against a tired bunch of canuks...but theynow have 2 goals in the same game so that must be good...

    1. the Maritimer8:29 PM

      In the bergevin regime it's known as an onslaught...

  14. hay.... pretty pathetic here in vcr

    the pub had 8-9 of us. 2 were saints fans, 3 were ESLs....

    i REPEAT: vcr is the worst city in the world for bandwagoner fans!

  15. and as i type this... cpt spaghetti gets on the scoresheet... fml.. GMGQ, CJ2.0: u both got lucky. u both suck. GC2.0 is worth way more than a repeat of the garbage ure making us eat right now.


  16. Decent win.

    Going to CHill during the break.

  17. A good win going into a week off...so today we gained confirmation that BBB is out of his depth as a GM. His inexperience in negotiating meant that he couldn't handle the Markov negotiations properly and lost. He traded our number 1 defensive prospect for a winger who he decided to make into a centre but has now admitted that "in a perfect world, he's on the wing" - his words!! He admits that he is still looking for a No. 1 Centre but that it's hard and there isn't one out there. I know there has been some defence of his overall record as not being that bad - in the 6 years he's here his team has been 8th best overall - but I stiol say he is not suited for the role. He was an average to rubbish 4th line dman and he is a average to rubbish GM - so he needs to be moved on. But that is not going to happen if the Habs start to win (they are on a 2 game win streak people!) TFS has his SV% over .915 so it looks like we're stuck with him for the moment...Let's all do like Moeman - let's all CHill for a week and see what things look like when we come back.

    1. Worth noting that he's basically handed Geoff Molson a loaded pistol pointed straight at his own head...he admits that he mishandled crucial negotiations, blundered others and basically hasn't a clue about how to fix things...

  18. I've worn glasses since grade 3 and I never fidgeted/re-adjusted with them like BBB did yesterday.

    - I won't name names, (but it's TFS' fault- again- he had a bad stretch)
    - I prefer the word 're-set' (shit by any other name, still smells like shit)
    - I didn't disrespect Vodkov (just like I didn't disrespect PFK)
    - Are you worried about you job? (refuses to answer by doing a segway on how other teams are doing)
    - It's Vodkov's fault not mine, he should have had an agent because in all my time as GM I never had to talk directly to the player, not my fault he's a man of few words. (huh, a GM who can't speak to his own players)

    He was much more elaborate on Drouin at centre in English than he was in French because Drouin gets more of a pass in the media there. But basically, he's all we got. Can you spell gCHyuk?? The kid who was never afforded the same opportunities as Druid? It's DDD all over again. The kid is playing well and will never get credit from BBB because it makes his decision making look even worse to do so.

    1. Can't talk to his own players. Precisely, juce. Hockey is a people business. If you can't talk to your people, if you lack the tools to manage people, you ain't in the right business.

  19. Oh yeah, free wings.

    1. I dont even remember the last time that happened!

  20. the Maritimer12:42 PM

    I think I'll take a break as well, unless something big happens with Les Glorieux or something else of interest in the real world, like Trump claiming sanity. I think bergevin does nothing the rest of the year. Oh he may move out a veteran or two on expiring contracts but Max doesn't get traded until June, if at all. It will be business as usual with the organization refusing to commit to a rebuild/retool/reset. We might as well just watch some of the games against certain teams and go with the flow. Apathy has long since set in for me. Later, folks. CHill indeed.

  21. CHill indeed. I'm with you. This thread can stay up until Sexy Friday and there still won't be any CHocolate ice cream for the FHFers. That is sad and that is all on BBB.

  22. Played for Chicago, Big gritty D man over 30, welcome to Montreal Cody Franson.

    I still want to tank. Relying on TFS having a perfect game is not the road past the first round.

  23. I watched Star Trek Discovery ep 10, and its back. Man that was a great ep, cause they borrowed heavily.

    Buttmans soul mate should make you ill

    Sniper, anyone ever trained a sniper. We need such a coach. gCHuck should have a dozen more goals at least if he had accuracy, not on his one timers, but simple wrist shots where he is a foot off the mark. CHud same deal.

    It all comes down to da bears. Three games that plot our trajectory for five years.

    1. Haven't watched it yet. I like to have a couple eps on the pvr to watch i/o waiting a whole week for the next one. Other night I watched 3 eps of Knightfall and a couple of Vikings. Heck, I do that with a lot of shows. Someone here mentioned Happy, he was right, it's twisted good. I waited till I had 4 to watch.

  24. NIcks, Montreal Gazette did a story and many of there nicks jibed with ours. No credit given. We need a lawyer.

  25. If I where gCHuck it would have been a threesome instead of a police report. You have to wonder
    where in the world is the gCHuck mind. It seems the management has no time to understand the man.
    I dont know what has happened back door, maybe I should hire a Jim Rockford to enlist CHelios
    to discover what is going on in our first line center of the future mind.

    Flashes in the lens produce many a Star Trek great scence
    they call this technique lens flash
    where you overwhelm the camera
    with light to make
    an effect
    and this is
    he is an overwhelmed
    camera flash
    so can we
    put the lens
    cap back

    Did you know that Newton
    died poor because of
    not the behavior
    at the time
    one of the intellects
    of all time

    So the same with
    hockey players
    who have magic
    take the magic
    and leave the

  26. Steve I just watched Trek and agree it was a fantastic episode. I don't mind that there are familiarities with other treks, in the end it could explain a lot of why the details in this prequel aren't known in the next (original) Trek and beyond.

  27. https://25stanley.com/le-ch-perdu-lune-de-ses-plus-celebres-partisanes/

  28. l"artiste says the problem with the Habs is political. Even when he was there, they had to have French coaches and wanted French players. He says he could come and help the team on the ice.

    1. the Maritimer12:16 PM

      This has been mentioned before but in Ken Dryden's book "The Game", he stated that at the end of the last dynasty in 1979, the Habs had a choice to make. They had to choose to be predominately french or to win. In the nearly 40 year span since then they've managed to win 2 Cups on the back of their goalie with some good support players. With the advent of RDS and TVA sports channels, they've made their choice. Winning has become secondary.

    2. He said he could bring excitement back to Montreal, he could work with the players and help the team.

      Sorry Alex, this management doesn't like excitement.


  29. Dredger suggesting that Smashville could e a landing spot for the captain. Patches for PK. Get it done. MB will probably instead take the other Weber back in case he got the wrong one the first time.

    1. +76
      When I heard that I immediately thought if the rumours about PFK and PatCHes were true and he was part of the reason he got traded then PatCHes landed in Nasville I'd laugh my head off.

    2. Git 'er done! The other Weber (Yannick) was just extended; they also gots Y and a host of other good D...

      One for one and we have the Cap space!! #PFKrepatriationProject is on!!!

    3. Patches as I have might have said before is a Kessel type player. As an American he needs more support than other nations to be successful. Americans are like dogs, they work well in packs but alone they no wolves.

      I would ditch his ass for golden pucks.

  30. No Meat on the Canadian Olympic Mens' team, but congrats to former Habs RBQ, Ben Scrivens (did we ever give him a nick?) and Maxim Lapierre (did we ever give Lappy a proper FHF nick either?)

    1. Not sure. I've heard him referred to as Scrivezina but not here I don't think.

    2. I've often referred to him as Sievens when he was a leaf.

  31. > https://fourhockeyfans.blogspot.ca/2018/01/sexy-friday-almost-flew-by-almost.html <