Dec 24, 2011

Happy Holidays ~ Joyeuses Fêtes to all 4HFers, Friends and Families ~ Have some 4HFun and play safe


  1. Thank you moeman.

    Wishing all 4HFers a very merry, Christmas.
    Hoping you get all you wished for.

  2. ti-cul4:38 PM

    Merry Christmas 4HF'ers & errettes.

    May the New Year bring us a competent hockey team.

  3. Habs youselves a merry little Christmas.

    Got a lovely bottle of Veuve Clicquot CHilling in the fridge to wash down the smoked salmon and oysters. *drools*

  4. Cute play on words, Moey and all the same to you.

  5. In WJC, Canada wins 4-1 against USA.
    Feels good to have the team you're rooting for win. Forgot what that was like.

  6. Twas the night before christmas. Couple of Habs in there.

  7. the Maritimer8:24 PM

    Mmmmmmmmm....rum and eggnog.

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  8. Die Hard. Best Christmas film ever.

  9. Hadulf10:23 PM

    Merry Christmas to all 4HFers!

    I wish all the best to you and your families!

    Have fun!!!

  10. Mr. natural1:42 AM

    Holy Shit! We're all the same under that thin layer of skin.

    Had a 5 year old Siglo IV with some Feist Colheita porto at 1:00, turkey W/all trimming between 4 - 8 PM, spiced rum eggnog, just finished a bottle of 2004 Il Falcone, smoked oysters, (raw would have been so much better) asiago, 6 yr old cheddar, my life and that of all my loved ones is blessed and for that I give thanks.

    WJC hockey is PHuckin' awesome, makes most NHL regular season games look like shit!

    OK I'm REALLY drunk, Merry CHristmas to all,

    @ moey hope Santa brings you shoes
    @ The M, hope Santa brings Habs Nathan
    @juce, Kmaxxx, 29, 31 and everyone else I'm forgetting in my drunken stupor (bet there are a lot of mistakes in this post) thanks for this camaraderie, you are the best thing about the Habs this season, but in saying that I realize that this storied franchise is what keeps our community together.

    Gonna go lie down....

  11. All I want for xmas is a win for coaCH Randy

    Merry xmas 4HFers! there is snow falling up here at the family cottage and I am hungover. a perfect xmas morning!

    Mr n I shed a tear of joy at your awesome comment

  12. @Mr. Natural, sounds like a great feast!
    @Hadulf, I wish a Merry Christmas to you and yours! (I believe our Lebrow scored)
    @moeman, Kudos to you for keeping the blog alive and the best to you, my friend!
    And to all the 4HFers, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and stay safe!
    Gotta go get my things started on my end.
    Enjoy folks.

  13. GO HABS GO, and Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel!

  14. May the boys come back from this break strong and give Cunney a win.

  15. Hopefully more than one, might I add...

  16. ti-cul4:16 PM

    Got tickets from Mrs. Ti-Cul for the game in Vancouver in March. Hopefully, the boys are back on track by then. Mrs. Ti-Cul not coming, sending me and a buddy of choice to the big city for a weekend. Will be way too drunk for any rioting behavior.

  17. Merry CHristmas 4HFers!!! Hope Santa was good to you all this year!

  18. @ti-cul, Wow, Mrs Ti-Cul really, really loves you! Cheers to not seeing you on a future Vancouver PD riot video!

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