Feb 16, 2012

Merci Kid ~ R.I.P. Gary Carter


  1. The Saint6:26 PM

    Sad day. One of my 3 favourite all time 'spos.
    RIP Kid.

  2. RIP. I never paid attention to baseball after they left Montreal.

    1. the Maritimer6:47 PM

      I hear you juce. Haven't watched a game since Selig, Brochu, Loria, Samson et al hijacked the Expos out of Montreal. I've not spent a dime on anything related to MLB and never will.

  3. RIP Kid, you were a great when that meant something

  4. Not Geoff Molson1:55 AM

    Always my favourite Canadian team...I remember my sister telling me that he got traded to the Mets...and how I was shocked as an 8 year old. I was too young to remember the late 70s and early 80s teams.

    Since the Expos left, can't say that I've really been interested in baseball at all.

    I'd say FU to Jeffrey Loria, but don't want to bring negative to a memorial of a great Expo.

    RIP Gary

  5. Habs Tribute to Expos.


  6. I remember sitting in the caf at John Abbot watching that fateful game the expos lost (honestly can't remember much about it other than the overall atmosphere - which was unbelievably electric until the very end) After that, apart from getting sucked into the Jays during their two World Series seasons, I haven't really followed baseball much.

    Gary Carter was a legend and I was so happy when he went into the Hall as an Expo.

    Rest in Peace Kid!!