May 23, 2012

L.A. L.A. L.A.

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  1. California Dreamin
    Welcome to my Country Boy, dont get violated.

    Go Devils Fuck up Buttmans carefully orchestrated plan.

    1. the Maritimer3:23 PM

      WOW is right! That guy was no Eric Estrada.

  2. Ok, so L.A. HAS to win this cup now...

    I am repeating this from the last post...

    I might pop in to Hurley's this saturday...just might...Meeting a buddy of mine in Montreal and we're not set on where we are going yet...I want to check out Hurley's, never been and you guys seem to like that place, so it's probably worth checking out!

    Any suggestions?

    1. the Maritimer3:25 PM

      I didn't really care for it, kind of chopped up inside. I like Sir Winston Churchill's on Crescent St.

    2. That's a good choice also, but watch for the student protests, there's been a few incidents on Crescent Street.

    3. Hurleys is yes, chopped up inside, but it's special. It's really the only place I go that you can just talk with the unknown people at the table next to you and they will actually talk to you. It's a warm friendly place, servers and patrons alike. Always good rocking Irish tunes on a Saturday night too

    4. Seems like we settled for a tourist trap (correct me if I'm wrong)...buddy wants to go to the House of Jazz...I may still try and go to Hurley's after that other place...

  3. I also like the Irish Embassy, same vicinity.

    1. Seconded, nothing wrong with Irish Embassy. And even I admit its food is better than Hurleys (though the best burger at an Irish pub in that area is Mcgibbons)

  4. Great L.A. Humpday, moeman.

  5. hogger
    As a long-standing Sarnia Sting season ticket holder, I'd like to make my views know on the highly rated Sting players. First of all Nail Yakupov is a spectacular player. Alex Galchenyuk was the #1 OHL pick two years ago. Yakupov was, a high European pick. Galchenyuk had a great first season and then was hurt in an exhitibion game this year. He ended up only playing two regular season games and then six games against Saginaw in the playoffs. If I'm Brian Burke with the fifth pick, I'd take a shot at Galchyuk, If I had the first pick I'd still pick him. He is
    a real gem. Reminds of about 4 years ago of another Sting player named Stamkos. He will need another year of junior, but he is the real DEAL. Yakopuv will go #1 , reminds of Semin, will
    probably end up in the KHL. Galchenyuk has the Russian skills but grew up in the States playing an North American game. Just a fan in section 104.


    1. Chester2:37 PM

      Ya I'm there with you on this. Bergevin says that to not consider the Ruskies means you are not doing your job, the Sweed isn't a goal scorer and we are deep on D. I would go with the Amerikinski, he was the real deal before the injury so he should be after. They also say that he worked his ass off th get back to the rink after the injury.

    2. and then I read some players never recover from an ACL, no explosive acceleration,

    3. So that is Gomez's problem?

  6. the Maritimer3:34 PM

    Sportsnet guys really like Beaulieu and Tinordi, say they are both close. I'm hoping they are clones of Drew Doughty and Tyler Myers. Yowza!

    Over at HI/O Spacek interview gives glowing review of Gauthier/Martin regime. No wonder the Habs imploded. Thank fuck they are both gone. May take a couple of years to recover but I believe it will happen. Geoff Molson seems to sincerely want to make things right with the players. Go Geoff!

  7. You will never guess who is number one!

    1. Didn't even have to look, knew they would say Gomer. But he's not really "overrated" anymore now, is he? If anything, we all know how much he sucks. You can't overrate a player you think sucks

    2. yes he is a known quantity. Has there ever been a player that sucked as bad as Gomer?

    3. I don't believe Gomez is rated at all - he's just over paid

  8. Go Big Bird's Devils.

  9. Leader of 'Classe" just a deadbeat, probably wouldn't pay fines if he gets any either.

    from CTV website.

    Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois evicted for unpaid rent.

    MONTREAL — The face of Quebec's largest student federation, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois faced a personal fight over the past month as Quebec's rental board signed off on an eviction order against him

    Serving as the voice of the Coalition large de l'Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante since the student boycott started, Nadeau-Dubois' landlord obtained an order from the Régie du logement on May 16 to evict the 21-year-old for $1,900 of unpaid rent.

    According to the judgement, Nadeau-Dubois and his roommates failed to pay two months rent—at $950 a month—and need to reimburse landlord David Francisco for some legal fees.

    According to the student leader, an envelope of money was left in the landlord's mailbox. Nadeau-Dubois argued that he had a long history of Francisco not providing the legally required receipt.

    Nadeau-Dubois has yet to confirm if he and his roommates have vacated the apartment.

    1. you cant fight for justice and pay the rent at the same time

    2. If its on CTV it was written and approved by Harper. Conservative Televison Network. Dont believe me look up how many Senators have come from CTV.

    3. That little tool's 15 minutes of fame was long up.
      Unfortunately he apparently mysteriously conjured up the rent money so now he won't go occupy a wall street or whatever.

    4. I don't understand why they don't Bill 78 his ass.

      On the 100th day protest, it was his group that defied the law with him in the lead and then the other groups started to follow.

      Clearly they have the evidence, he was interviewed while protesting.

      As for the lame excuse of not getting a receipt for his rent, if true, HOW STUPID ARE YOU? Go back to school and maybe learn something so basic.

    5. Saw this in an article about his eviction in the Montreal Gazette.

      In a separate case, Nadeau-Dubois, a history student at the Université du Québec à Montréal, is facing a contempt of court charge that could result in a fine of $50,000 and as much as one year in jail.

      Université Laval student Jean-François Morasse contends Nadeau-Dubois incited people during a radio interview to defy an injunction obtained to allow him access to his classes.

      Nadeau-Dubois is due in court May 29 in the contempt case.

    6. So...if he is facing up to a year in jail - getting evicted shouldn't be a problem. Free digs for a year!! Woo Hoo!!

    7. All you can eat and don't bend down in the shower, pretty boy.

  10. Oooh, love those black shoes! And the small furry animals of course. Okay, LA has to win it all because of what I wrote on my blog. It's all about the curse people. Go Devils because I don't want to have to look at that prick Tortorella's face anymore.

  11. the Maritimer6:43 PM

    Go Sea Dogs!

  12. I don't think zebras are gonna like this.,0,868082.story?track=rss

  13. Celtics-Sixers tonight should be a good one

    1. basketball is a hobby, if hockey had no hitting it would be basketball on ice.

    2. Did you see Heat-Pacers last night? Multiple flagrant fouls, resulting in suspensions today. Elbows flew that the Shaved Gorilla could only dream of. Quality violence. With no pads!

  14. 1-0 Devils. Bettman is gonna make some calls

  15. 2-0 Devils. Buttman's heart flutters

  16. 3-0. Buttman on life support

  17. 3-1 btw. so many goals in a Devils game! it's a Summer Festivus miracle!

  18. That period was almost entertaining!

    Here's some intermission old school tunes for you. Two of the greatest guitarists ever (Knopfler and God) jamming for 10 minutes. Though admittedly God looks so strung out on coke Knopfler is doing the real work

    1. "so strung out on coke"

      it may have been heroin. I forgot which drug period this was for him.

    2. It looked like coke to me, very up tempo version

  19. Torts must have whipped them during intermisson.

  20. the Maritimer9:18 PM

    Watching the Sea Dogs - Cataractes, nasty, lots of stick work. Morgan Ellis cross checked Villemaire in the neck. Beaulieu for slashing. Can't wait to see these two lay the lumber on some bruins.

    @29, I would think Buttman would want NJ in the finals just to recoupe some coin he's had to fork over to bagman Vanderbeek.

    I've always found the staff at Churchill's very friendly, btw.

    1. Buttmans wet dream is a NY-LA Finals, but you do have a point...

  21. Fack. Somebody stick a pitchfork up the Devils collective asses.

  22. Price is on twitter (for real) and isn't tweeting on a horse. Well for the most part. Did tell his sister to feed the horses haha.

    1. I like where she tells him 'you're not the boss of me, I'll slap you in the mouth'

    2. Also that Skillsie drinks wine coolers.

    3. Damn...I think it's time I jump on the twitter wagon...I created an account there, but that's it, never logged in after! I found twitter confusing...

    4. I'm actually not on twitter but you can go here and just look what's tweeting.

    5. Any of you that are on Twitter, you should follow this account!/Bishopsparkcafe

    6. Very appetizing pic, now I'm hungry.

  23. Sea Dogs win 4-1. Shawinigan is acting like a brat (crowd and team).

    1. How does Morgan Ellis look?

    2. the Maritimer11:17 AM

      Dirtiest game I've seen in some time at any level. Ellis was right in the middle of it all night. If Shawinigan wins tonight they play Saint John again Friday night. Guaranteed to be nasty. Two teams (and communities) who don't like each other.

  24. 5-3 Devils.

  25. We'll see where L.A. goes Friday.

  26. Way to go D's One more!!

  27. Fascist Shagginess alert!

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    1. Duh, as the kids say.

    2. There is one comment on that article, and the point of view is interesting...

      "...Bob does not get any credit for one of the best trades in Habs history. That is sending Craig Rivet to San Jose for Josh Gorges and a draft pick. That draft pick turned into Max Pacioretty. Would I trade Josh and Max for Ryan McDonagh? not on your life!"

    3. the Maritimer1:17 PM

      Josef Balej for Alex Kovalev wasn't too shabby either. Maybe Sather dumping Gomer on the Habs was just karma.

    4. I honestly believe that Bob did the best he could and worked as best he could with the people around him. Picking talent is a crap shoot at best - sure there are some who you know will be superstars, but then again there are those who never quite turn out how everyone thinks they will. Others surprise pleasantly. Quite a few disappoint.

    5. So the Panthers ask for PFK and Superplexx for Huberdeau, do you make the deal? I would.

    6. I don't. Simply because PFK is in the deal. He's our Markov of the next decade (because I think Markov is gone after 2012/2013 season, or even during the season). Superplexx and Tinordi or Beaulieu? I'd think about it...

    7. I would not trade Tinordi because in Buttmans new dead puck NHL he is the franchise player. Everyone will need a 7ft shutdown monster to win the cup.

    8. That is relative...Remember Ryan O'Byrne? Yeah, we all thought he was our shaved ape...

      Still think the Habs messed him up in the head. This guy was a slow blooming Dman...We should have kept him. I don't even remember what we got for him???

    9. Bournival

    10. O'Byrne never got a chance :

      "Since he first joined the NHL, O’Byrne has amassed 16 points (2 goals and 14 helpers), served 181 penalty minutes and maintained a -3 plus/minus ratio in 128 NHL regular season games with the Canadiens."

    11. No matter what the post season will be more interesting than the playoffs (so far). I would take a flyer on Seminen, and a shot at Suter. Trade Kafka as a package deal back to Boston for a bag of pucks. Send Gomer to the EHCL. Clean out Diaz, Weber make a place for St Denny. I would also move Superplexx, we got nothing for him to work with.

    12. and of course bring back BIG TITS!

    13. the Maritimer3:10 PM

      First, Florida will never approach Montreal to trade JH. They really don't have anything the Panthers need. If Bergevin were to approach Florida, the first word out of Dale Tallon's mouth is Price, so not gonna happen. Steve, the Habs will have to make do with what they have and what they will get at #3 or better. JH will not be Crosby or Malkin but more like Toews or Matt Duchene. He is not flashy but has great hands and is tough. He will put up points but will need a player like Patrick Kane to compliment him. I would not trade any of the Habs defence prospects at the moment. In a year or two the Canadiens are going to have a defensive core to rival what the Rangers have right now with Gorgeous, N8, PFK and Tin Tin. The rest of the league will be jealous. I see Bournival as a good third line guy in the mold of Pierre Mondou in a couple years. Brendan Gallagher will hopefully be as good as Gio in his prime. Gchuk or Gmoe will be the dominant scoring center they have needed since Vinnie Damphousse. Maybe Crosby decides to bail on Mario and sign up for glory in the sainted flannel. I'm just glad that Geoff turfed that asshole Gauthier, the more I read about him the more I dislike him.

      Go Sea Dogs!

    14. one thing we need right away is a nickname for Bergevin, who the fuck can spell that after a couple of brown pops. I say CBGB or how about Sam, if you have to ask the reference your one the wrong site. Anyway CBGB and Dale Talon are good friends, so I still believe a package that is not totally ridiculous is possible.

      In the dead puck age a stud offensive's deference is useless, no lanes, no shots nothing. So IMHO PFK and Beledeau are expendable for a mosh pit hacker, with good hands.

  29. The EI Rip-off:

  30. Musical interlude.

  31. Comedic interluce.

  32. looks like 29 lied to us about his relationship.

  33. Make the man sweat and maybe even get a facial tic. Go online, yeah the internet and search for " Bank Run ".

    1. the Maritimer4:32 PM

      The Conservatives have made their move. On the CBC national news this morning they mentioned the chocolate factory in New Brunswick. Since I am an hour and twenty minutes away, I'm safe, I think. Restaurants in Calgary and McDonald's in Fort McMurray are looking for workers as well. As a highly skilled former worker I am nervous.

    2. This EI thing is a distraction. Its small beans, we give away 20 Billion to the oil companies and the Conservatives want to hurt seasonal workers. So when they have all moved to Fort McMurray, they can bring in temporary workers at 30% under minimum wage. This is how fucking delusional these guys are. Jesus Christ did any of them have a mother.

    3. @the M, changes will come into effect 2013, you should be ok. Though I think it's worry-some for a lot of people no matter your skill. We've paid for it and now they make us pay again when we need it most. Will they lower the premiums............NO.

      They tell us it's to help fill a need. Well, if there are so many jobs why is the economy so bad?

      People forced to take a job have less or no time to look for better/comparable to what they had, especially if you are older.

      "Seasonal workers will fall into the frequent-user category and the changes could mean they would be expected to take retail, food service or other jobs that are vacant in their communities. If they decline job offers, they could be cut off from EI."

      So, if I interpreted correctly:
      After 1st 6 weeks of collecting (including the waiting period where you're not paid anyway - so really after only 4 weeks of paid EI) you must find similar work @ 80% of previous earnings and after the 6th week any work for 70% of previous earnings.

      So I guess construction worker, teachers etc... would fall under the frequent users.

      I think this will also incite companies to lower wages since they know the unemployed really won't have a choice, take it or lose you EI.

  34. I am a huge Kevin Kostner fan and I believe that he also a great human being.

    Kevin Kostner & Modern West

    He will be playing Jonathan Kent in a new Superman movie.

    He also confirmed that he was in discussion with Princess Diana about making another Bodyguard movie. He never spoke about it but said a very smart reporter got wind of it and asked him if it were true and only then did he say come clean.

    At some point the Royals denied it and dissed him (his words) so he called them up and said please don't do that because it is true.

    1. I think he was talking to Diana about putting the bone to her and she said "I am calling my bodyguard"

    2. the Maritimer4:34 PM


  35. Its getting to be like Chile under Pinochet
    protest here

    1. I HATE this government.

    2. uh oh, they probably read that.

  36. Sexig fredag är morgon!

    1. is that Danish?

    2. If its Dutch you have to go all Dutch. IMHO Dutch women are nearly perfect, but the ankle is a weakness, good thing is I never looked there much.

    3. Its got to be Swedish then, and Swedeish girls are flawless,

    4. Thank you Nice Translator.

  37. Inspired by Messier? Really, mediots?

    1. You dont hear alot of ex moose teamates come out and say what a great guy he was. But he won a lot of cups, and he was a great capitian in his day.

    2. Many, many better Captains.

  38. 4HF and FHF fave Mr. Beliveau is better;

    1. Wonderful news.

    2. ditto may you stay forevermore young

  39. New CH dude;

    Les Canadiens de Montréal ont annoncé une entente avec Bobby Kinsella pour être dépisteur dans le Midwest (USHL, NCAA, Midget et les écoles secondaires).

    Dudeley soon.

  40. There's a damn 'casserole protest' going on here. Very small group outside, all around in their 20's.

  41. I am trying to watch Battleship but its streaming slower than Gomer backchecking. Fuck

  42. Viggo to the new thread sexy 4HFers.

    1. heh, someone tells me that the véritable pfucking douchebag ByGregWyshynski takes a shot at Viggo for being a Habs fan. What a fucking Habs-hating piece of shit that pfucking douchebag ByGregWyshynski is.

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