May 3, 2015

Yuck rhymes with Fuck


  1. I'm confused by the pic here. "Bad" ice cream. Never heard of it. Not familiar with the concept.

    You just know that MT thinks this all happened only because his hero DD isn't in the line up. He'll be back on the top line getting 20 minutes next game. That's as far as MT's thought process goes, I'm sure.

    1. I put the ass in sarcasstic.

  2. Well, despite the officiating, having a shit-assed PP plus allowing 4 PP goals and a .750 save %age ain't gonna get you far in the playoffs.

  3. Prust just seriously SHIT TALKED Lee on 690. Or maybe Brad Watson.

    1. Says Watson was swearing at him, mocking him, the Habs and Montreal, calling him and other Montreal players names, etc. MTL is 1-5 in games officiated by Watson this year.

  4. RDS says since CHarger wasn't the instigater end of game, no suspension, as for throwing the equipment, no suspension for that either.

    1. Apparently Colburn (or whoever) pulled Prust's hair at the end of the fight. Should have been a misconduct. But of course...

  5. Prust said Brad Watson called him a mother fucker and a piece of shit and a coward and said the ref told him he would drive him out of the building. (sounds like Marinaro asking) MT said he didn't hear it.

    1. yep it was Marinaro asking MT about CHarger
      Tony Marinaro @TonyMarinaro · 20m 20 minutes ago
      Brandon Prust said Ref Watson called him "MotherF, a piece of u know what & a coward" Prust says ref told him hed drive him out of building

    2. BrianWilde retweeted
      All Habs (Canadiens) @All_Habs · 21 mins 21 minutes ago
      Prust on ref Watson: "He kept provoking me, called me every name in the book, called me a piece of *, mother-f*, coward,.." #GoHabsGo

      Prust said "he kept provoking me. He came to box and called me every name in the book." #Habs

      Brandon Prust: "That's the type of ref he is: he likes to play god, and that's what he did tonight." There was more.

  6. Mitch Melnick @HunterZThompson · 3 hrs 3 hours ago
    Watch goal mouth scrums in these playoffs and tell me you haven't seen much worse than Subban on Callahan go uncalled,

  7. Here's Charger, probably get a fine but if Brad Watson was doing that then he bears responsibility - sure hope DGMB has the audio.

  8. Mitch Melnick @HunterZThompson · 17 mins 17 minutes ago
    Mitch Melnick retweeted Elliotte Friedman
    That's a heck of a soliloquy to invent out of thin air. Mitch Melnick added,
    Elliotte Friedman @FriedgeHNIC
    Prust video: can he prove Watson said what he alleges? Watson does not have a hotheaded rep …
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    BrianWilde retweeted
    Richard Labbé @Richardlabbe · 45m 45 minutes ago
    K.Hrudey on B.Prust, live on the air: "A 4th liner who likes himself too much."

    BrianWilde @BWildeCTV · 2 mins 2 minutes ago
    Prust made it up as a narrative is hilarious. It is absolutely hilarious. You can't be serious? Like a guy would make that up? Lol.

    Mitch Melnick @HunterZThompson · 35 mins 35 minutes ago
    .@kfraserthecall Is it normal for a ref to goad a player who is already sitting in the penalty box?


    Kerry Fraser
    @HunterZThompson No Mitch. This isn't adding up. Sound microphones might bring some evidence or resolution one way or the other

    Tony Marinaro retweeted
    Kerry Fraser @kfraserthecall · 14 mins 14 minutes ago
    @AdmiralHackbar It is never acceptable for an official to respond to a player with profanity or personal assault.#professionaldecorum

  9. SFU accusing Prust of making it all up - go figure. Prust said he went to the box and goaded him, the tweet by Brian Wilde clearly shows Watson talking to him at the penalty box. I hope there is clear audio to stick up Watson's ass.

  10. Seems Colon will be handling this, therefore sweet fuck all for Brad Watson but a fine for Prust for sure.

  11. This sure looks like Watson balling him out.

  12. Mitch Melnick retweeted
    Deidre Matthews @ddmatthews · 58 mins 58 minutes ago
    #habs For those who missed it...this is what The Score tweeted...before deleting it.
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    The pic had Prusts head on a baby. fuck the score.

  13. We would have won if we had scored six more goals. Why wait fire MT today.

  14. MT coaching mortar activity

  15. Embarrassing on every level.

  16. Chester8:04 AM

    Just shows the total lack of imagination of our coaching staff.
    The Bolts have brought the same game seven times now.
    MT2.0 and his minions are incapable of changing or adjusting.
    We look like a minor league team. Sad.
    I hope that asshat ref gets tossed. You don't follow and provoke.
    What an asshole. Things don't look good.
    Go Habs

  17. hol-y shit