Apr 9, 2018

... anyone want seconds of this shit season? Didn't think so ...

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Working on a parody and season review ...
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  1. That is an amazing version of what I consider to be the ultimate movie score. Thanks for that moe.

    1. Thanks Bro. Told ya it was pretty cool.

      I was going to title the thread The G, B, U but Berkshire stole that theme.

      Did you know that back in the day, at the ol' CBC Sunday morning hockey blog, I did a regular GBU. It was always greatly theM-ishly anticipated and lead to a lot of laughs and sometimes discussions and even a sweet blind date for me (she's a Sens fan).

    2. I did not know that you once blogged for/on the mothercorp! Any of those old links still work? :-)

    3. Nope.

      I may have dloaded my comment history.

      That could be a shit-load of FHFun.

    4. Their 'blog' was shutdown after too many crotch/mclame comments.

      I take full, OK, almost full credit.

      Fucking leafools.

  2. Hey if you're interested, sign up for nhl.com's Bracket Challenge. https://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/dashboard

    I've created a league called FHFans. Password is TFS.

    You not only have the chance of winning a big jeezly truck if you win that contest, as an even greater honour, if you win the league, you will have your name in lights on a future FHF blog post!

    1. DB4 is my online hockey/football/golf pool persona BTW.

    2. I taught DB4, aka DBiv, to RevCan reps that, wait for it!, worked with Canadian breweries files;


    3. Hey - I have entered my brackets in that league thingy Saint Paddy. I have no idea about if it bears any resemblance to reality but what the hell...it will keep me interested for a bit. Just checked the rules and if I win I will have to use my Mother's address as UK residents don't appear to be eligible...Go Preds!

  3. New Ry Cooder!


    1. Some genial music there my FHFriends.

    2. That is one crazy song Moeman ! Thanks for linking that one - I have added it to my own Youtube playlist. Great song that just makes you feel good...

  4. Lovin' the Danish GBU!!

  5. Here goes, 5 minutes in, on RDS, they are already mouthing off and protecting dgmb.

    GM = Geoff Molson
    DG = bergevin

    - Geoff and dgmb, same outfits, no ties
    - Geoff with a lot of emotion talks about the Humboldt tragedy
    - Geoff et al are extremely unhappy about the season
    - goes right into next year and says the word 'rebuild' (in French)
    - says the #1 franchise status needs to be brought back
    - one msg to fans, we will be better (how hard is that)
    - on ice changes required
    - off ice; communications needs to be improved, as does fans experience
    - *he sounds scared*, which means money is being lost
    - 'standards of excellence' must be met
    - we will get better (how can they not?)
    - Geoff is reading notes (you don't need fucking notes dude)
    - dgmb; Humboldt wishes
    - important presser says dgmb to proud fans
    - unacceptable and disappointing season, changes needed
    - complete review of the hockey org (includes himself)
    - attitude change needed (quit hiring suckups)
    - Q to GM; what assurances?
    - Opportunity to review everything. (Wow)
    - Again, 'change of attitude' (who's?)
    - Always in improving mode (thanks for that slap Geoff)
    - DG = he has 'seen' things, not finger pointing evaluations (weird)
    - Q to GM, why keep DG? He sees the future, very confident, works well with other GM's (Ha!)
    - Q to DG, #1 CTR and 1st line Dman (left hand), no exact answer, waiting for other teams, says he knows the weak parts
    - DG is again saying attitude is wrong, he emphasizes it
    - GM, the way we do things will change, food will be better, show will be better, (who fucking cares about this?)
    - ticket prices stay the same
    - mentions last year's season playoffs (who fucking cares about this?)
    - mentions all the draft picks and young players auditioning at season's end (this is pure DG hype)
    - DG, the plan and he says this being 'transparent', says other GM's are watching this presser (BIZARRO)
    - harps on the attitude issue again
    - 'we were never in the series/playoffs' since day 1 (wow)
    - again with the NYR playoffs last year
    - other teams have lost bigger assets (who fucking cares!)
    - the league is difficult, he was too optimistic, he didn't have the 'signs' (get a fucking Ouija board)
    - had Radu and Vodkov accepted his offers we would've maxed out the CAP (so fucking what!)
    - he will take his time to fix this
    - told Alzner he needs to be better
    - 'from Game 1' (what a fucking cop-out)
    - never in synch (fire JJD FFS)
    - again with the attitude thing (does he even know what the word means)
    - 'things start now' (wow)

    1. - 'good idea where I am going' now mentions TFS' season, and PatCHes
      - keeps harping his 'exit' meetings, mentions Kopitar (weird)
      - 'can't be specific' but says injuries aren't the issue, mentions BBQ
      - (my vibe is it is all about him, his way, no highway in sight)
      - he trust his mng't team
      - talks up Druid's Jr. career, the talent is untapped, mentions good exit meeting
      - (although I've never been in one, I've had colleagues get turfed after 'exit' meetings, all were sales reps)
      - no decisions to mention, everything is being evaluated
      - unmentioned but is Tavares an option, he answers 'oui' (remember he 'knows' the other GMs)
      - note the presser is bouncing from ENG>FRE and back, so far little overlap in Qs
      - 'too optimistic' (fuck off)
      - he says glass half full kinda guy (since Game 1?)
      - Geoff, best place, best fans, best media (probably meant média)
      - someone asks him to define 'attitude', he says winning without generalizing (he just generalized)
      - 'something wasn't right', media guy in FRE is hammering him to call out blame, he is wishy-washy at best
      - we have fallen, need to get up, he takes that blame
      - asked about the vets, where are the problems, not liking the Q about PFK vs. BBQ
      - he won't say, yet he says he knows, what the big problem is
      - says even with Vodkov, Emelin and Beaulieu nothing would've changed
      - says transparent for the umpteenth time and says gCHuck is NOT A CENTRE
      - Jon Lu asks about PatCHes leaving, he won't say
      ( 40 minutes in)
      - no need for a new Captain
      - Oh Oh, the not enough Québecois players question, he asks Geoff for permission to respond, then yips about how many Q-based players are in the NHL (weak sauce)
      - efforts are there to get them
      - great Q about more goals being scored in the NHL (this is our BIGGEST problem!)
      - he says need goals to win, says special teams are special and we are 12th!
      - need to be better defensively
      - again with hard to get a good centre
      - Cowan asks about wasted salary CAP, Geoff repeats Radu/Vodkov non-signings, nothing offset it
      - 'we are respected across the league' (I don't think so)
      - DG says nothing was available
      - we are a CAP team (why?)
      - attitude issue again (eesh)
      (this presser is a nothingburger)
      - Geoff comes in to help define 'attitude' and fails and then DG failed even more
      - old vets are useless, explain, replies with being transparent, doesn't answer the question
      - Steve Ott is being discussed (BIZARRO!)
      - OK Geoff, 'why Steve Ott?'then answer it, he doesn't
      - we are an 'elite' team (?)
      - Engels hammers the attitude and total lack of preparation excuse (its a fucking excuse!)
      - press wants explanations, DG goes after TFS' season
      - again with the fucking attitude
      (An hour in)
      - are there (undesirables)? locker room problems? Geoff says yes. (Wow)
      (Who the fuck is this undesirable?)!
      - press going after TFS' 'attitude', DG is flustered, tough season, Geoff says the same
      (I think their blaming TFS' is way off)
      (This is getting hard to watch)
      - DG is literally skating here, pure GlenGarry GlenRoss siding salesman shit
      - Geoff says communicate better (pick up the fucking phone, people are talking about (y)our team! FFS)
      - DG yips about not releasing contract terms (yeah this is an issue), not injury info (again change your fucking attitude)
      - willing to fix your own mistakes? (Got to see them first)

    2. Thanks moeman, I was working and couldn't watch. Sounds like it was stomach-turning anyway. Geoff is so out of his depth. Grant McCagg was so right assessing the need for a Pres of Hockey Ops. Geoff is a mere fan without the backbone required to right this shipwreck.

      Count me on the front of the Fire-Bergy-Bandwagon Brigade. He is writing himself into the next Bad Bosses sequel.

    3. And it seems on days like this only the Mats can console me. So Geoff: Are you satisfied?

  7. I watched it on RDS feed...20 minutes in I had to go pick my daughter up so got back at about 950...still blabbing about the same thing and they weren't really answering questions. Chantal Makemeababy asks if Patches figures in the pakns for next season - bbb says "oui!" - that was it.

  8. the Maritimer5:42 PM

    Hmmphh... same fucking bullshit we've heard over and over and over.

    Bottom line: bergevin fucked up, made some bad decisions and will never own up to it. Geoff is a fanboy who has been sucked in by the car salesman. Nothing, if very little will change. The Habs don't have the talent in their lineup to compete. Until they draft some talented players it's the same old same old.

  9. As I figured, blowing a whole pile of smoke out of their asses, answering nothing and taking zero responsibility. I see me having a whole lot more free time again next hockey season because it will be Shitshow 2: The Streak Continues.

  10. the Maritimer7:08 PM

    Couple of things caught my eye ... works well with other GMs ... no kidding, David Poile loves the guy! bb knew they were out of it on Day 1 ... I'll give him credit for that, but many other people knew it was going happen even before the season started based on the D that was (mis)constructed and doing nothing for the pathetic offence other than swapping out CHe for Drouin. Wasn't hard to figure out that was going to blow up in his face.

    Also, I thought they got rid of their locker room problems when they traded PK, DS-P and N8. Does that mean gCHuk will be the next frat boy to be shown the door? Kinda sounds like it.

    1. rds wants both PatCHes and gCHuck booted (as per the vile tremblay).

    2. the Maritimer7:47 PM

      For what? More pure wool players with hands of stone? Sure, get rid of two of your best goal scorers for more CHaracter players like Danault and Deslauriers who will score 20 goals between them all year. I'm sure Gallagher and Byron will be happy to carry the load. These racist fucks on these sports channels need to be exposed for what they are.

    3. the Maritimer7:50 PM

      I hope tremblay and others of his ilk enjoy their 30th place team next year. It's what they deserve.

    4. Well, that is exactly what lead into their comments. 4 Q players on the Habs, only one drafted and only 2 scouts in the Q. Add to that their earlier comment that the Nordicks cannot get here soon enough.

  11. I just want to state for the record I have not ever been in the Habs dressing room.

  12. thats ok steve. leadership hasnt been in that room since he got booted away to smashville.

    the 'leaders' BBB brings in always lock themselves in the broom closet

  13. kmaxxxx...

    u seem pretty europeanly... u watch f1? i just watched the highlites. there were tonnes of sparks flying off the cars heading into turn 1. is that normal? or is that just a BUMPY ENTRY TO THE CORNERS?

    (oops: thats me criticising our captain outloud instead of in my head)

    1. I do watch F1 a bit - but not this year so far...been busy...sparks flying are something that F1 has always had. A very famous shot of Nigel Mansel losing a race a long time a go is significant for the amount of sparks that were flying around under braking. Cars are kept so low to counter all the other speed reduction measures they have in place. Hope that helps...

    2. I always thought it was flames shooting out the exhaust. I have a bad attitude.

  14. So my take on the "attitude" issue hey kept discussing is this - bbb said no one stepped up when BBQ went down - so he is digging at Patches and Drouin. He can't trade Chucky unless he can say he had an attitude problem. he has already thrown him under the bus when that shit about him being in rehab came out, now this. Patches has probably played his last game as a hab - if he doesn't sign an extension on 1 July we'll know for certain - That leaves the door naturally open for a french speaking Captain to appease the media - enter Droujin - who would make a fucking terrible captain IMO - he is a selfish arrogant little prick and is probably the root cause of the "attitude" problem in the room. Anyone remember him crying like a bitch when he was not being played in Tampa. Stormed off and staged a little shitfest walkout until he got his way. I have despised him ever since. Loads of talent but a spoiled rotten little shit who doesn't deserve the crest, never mind the C. but bbb has seriously hung his fucking piece of shit suit on this little fuckboy so I belive him when he says The answer is in the room alright...what will be really interesting is to watch and see who leaves next...and what they have to say about it.

    1. the Maritimer8:45 AM

      Drouin did give that impression when he staged his walkout from Tampa. The Montreal gm saw an opportunity to acquire a high end Quebecois player and Stevie Y., who couldn't wait to get rid of an "attitude problem", waited out said Montreal gm and got a great D prospect in return. I'll bet no other GM in the league would have gave that up for Drouin.

      Agree re: Max is done.

      Gallagher will be the next captain, if there is one.

      The more I read about that press conference yesterday, just wow. Remember when Babcock told the Toronto media and fans there would be pain? Well, that pain was nothing compared to what we are going to be feeling. This was year Zero of the gm's new plan. Hold on people, we are going to be fucked hard with no KY jelly in site.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. very true - if there is an attitude problem BBB owns it, bought it, traded for it.

    PFK had an attitude: he LOVED playing here and embraced the city and faced the music with a smile and a "bring it on" attitude. But that was a "hockey" trade.

  16. And in the good news dept:

    Chris Nilan Retweeted
    Bryn Griffiths
    ‏ @BrynMightyMouth
    9h9 hours ago

    Habs Alumni report former NHLer and Stanley Cup champ, Lyle Odelein is improving in a Pittsburgh hospital. The 49-year-old from Saskatchewan was battling both pneumonia and blood poisoning at the same time. Doctors feared the worst in the last week. #Odie @MJWARRIORS

  17. They said I had an Attitude

    When you open that bottle of wine
    You open a can of worms every time
    Now you don't stop, that ain't true
    Never said a word, I never had to
    It was my attitude (that you thought was rude)
    Old habits are hard to take
    And I don't know how much I can take

    1. Sorry - the line is "Old Habits are hard to break" not take

    2. Couldn' get that song to play on Youtube...try this one...


  18. Engels today is brutal and spot-on:

    It’s understandable that 30-year-old franchise goaltender Carey Price and 29-year-old captain Max Pacioretty looked at the key off-season losses of players like Alex Radulov and Andrei Markov — and the fact they weren’t adequately replaced — and began to feel concerned about the team’s prospects for the year. It’s understandable that they, among other players, looked at the near $9 million in cap space the Canadiens waded into the season with and scratched their heads. It’s understandable that when they stepped on the ice and saw what free agent signings Mark Streit, Karl Alzner, Joe Morrow and Ales Hemsky had to offer, they were highly skeptical it would be enough.

  19. All I know is that after reading the results of that presser, if that arrogant fuck Bergevin and his puppet Molson want loyal fans, they ought to invest in a kennel full of dogs because this bitch ain't wasting his time on that team next year.

  20. Hey I have been listening to TSN690 with Knuckles Nilan etc. Been some pretty frank discussions and worth a listen if you have a chance. bbb is coming on at 4pm Eastern so that should be interesting. Patches was on earlier and he sounded good and philosophocal about his chances of coming back next year

  21. If we go for make the playoff next year, we are the new Pal Hal Habs. We are going to need one young stud Center and one young stud D man in over to be Stanley Cup contenders. One and your done is a sustainable biz model but its not satisfactory.

  22. amazing things I learned this week so far
    With Verbal commands I can control the head unit of my car to do almost anything a touch or swipe will do.
    My Cell Phone camera will take a picture with the verbal command CHesse. This is likely on most cells.

    Bergy is doing a great job dealing with bad attitudes/

  23. If I might make an editorial suggestion for SF (25 yrs old)

    1. this is what the Beatles where talking about

  24. the Maritimer7:13 PM

    I put a stick out on my front steps in support of the Humboldt Broncos. It's the last stick I bought when I still played, a Nike model, made from.... wood!

    1. Good for you! I 'think' I still have my KOHO which I bought in 1987...haven't played since about '92(lame arches). And I have a Bobby Hull signed stick from '84 that I won. It's probably not worth much but I'm pretty sure it would disappear from my front step.

    2. the Maritimer7:50 PM

      I last played in my beer league in '91. I stepped on a patch of ice that winter, fell and broke a bone in my foot and my hockey career was over. The league actually folded that spring and I couldn't find another team to join. At the time I had a Mike Bossy Titan stick.

  25. > https://fourhockeyfans.blogspot.ca/2018/04/sexy-friday-is-never-down.html