Jan 10, 2019

JFW. I got the slippin' and slidin' Blues.

That's a bacon slider.

I don't know where this is but I see there is Brazilian BBQ in the background.  See it?

Everything he makes sounds delicious.  Be like Nike and just do it.

She blows a good horn.

Oh Brandon, you're so American.

How can one be blue with this view?


  1. So here's hoping the Habs don't start slip sliding away down the standings. As I stated yesterday I like their chances and if BBB can upgrade the D, there's even a glimmer of hope at winning a series (if not against TB).

    JFW & GYFHG.

  2. the Maritimer11:44 AM

    I hope Weber kicks Drouin in his lazy ass and gets him going. So much talent, so little hockey IQ.

  3. AlZZZner skating into the line-up against the Blues tonight. They are 10-13-2 at home and bottom of their division. I guess if he's gonna get a game to play in, this is it.

  4. The Gazette's Stu Cowan thinks Carbo could be a help on the dismal PP. Christ, why not? Shit, Peppa Pig could only improve this PP.

  5. Here is an ancient recording of a Montreal band, the Asexuals, with a supremely uplifting song called Dish, and yes, it goes out to our guy who scored the winning goal in the Motor City.

    "Say you're sorry? Same old story."

    Now don't give up on holding that wildcard spot, boys!! GYFHG and JFW

  6. Noicely done St. Pad.

    Habs should be able to beat this version of the Blues.

  7. the Maritimer4:59 PM

    I find they still have a bad habit of playing 'down' to their opposition.

    Hopefully not tonight.

    Alzzzzzzzzner? Really? We'll see how many pucks he can deflect at Carey tonight.

  8. Spicy red pepper spaghetti.

  9. I have had a really bad cold went to the doctor he told me I have Elboa. They can cure me with Gene therapy but one of the side effects is it will make me normal.

  10. Mrs St Pad wanted to check out The Marvellous Mrs Maizel so binged 4 eps of that instead of hockey. Good show. Saw a boob.
    Then caught the hilites. Looks like twas a good game to skip.

    1. the Maritimer7:42 AM

      I think everyone decided to skip this one. I tuned in at the 1st intermission, saw it was 2 zip Blues and moved on.

    2. Did exactly what theM. did and watched some Seinfeld. It was the 'shrinkage' episode.

  11. I watched till 2 zip and then CHecked out, I was Finished.

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