Jan 4, 2012

Hole Sweet Hole ~ Habs dig out with a homestand? ~ Jets Preview 01/04

~ ~ ~
What's up 4HFers?! Is it Goat season yet? Our fricaseeing Canadiens are back at the fricaseeing Bell Centre for the first of a dozen fricaseeing home games. Ya think they shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque? Will Gauthier deal without a paraCHute? Kinda dangerous, ain't it? Eeeeeeh, watch Price paste that pathetic palooka Pavelec with a powerful, paCHydermous, percussion pitCH. Well, it's 7 o'clock somewhere, so the puck'll drop sometime tonight. Previews from nhl, tsn, rds, looneys. And remember, 'mud' spelled backwards is 'dum'.
~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~
Whadda they do on a game night without Gio?
Whadda they do when there is no star in sight?
Do they practice how to fight?
Where do they go when they can't go for a walk?
Do they sit at home and talk,
Or do they listen to BB's, "Aye, Aye, Aye!"?
Who will they boo on a game night without Gomez?
How can such a useless guy have a $weetheart deal?
Maybe the guys want a tender kiss, and yet,
How shittier can they get
When they're beneath Boucher's wet palm trees?
Whadda they do in La Ville est Hockey!
When the power play is drippy?
And whadda they do when the D is still murky
Call Big Bird in a hurry?
And whadda I do in Old Blogtoona
When the Anon posts ain't bright?
Well, this is what I do in stereo
On a game Previewed night!
But whadda they do when skies are dreary
Along Avenue des Canadiens?
And whadda they do with Sweet Louis
When the line-up is so screwy?
And whadda they do at CyberPresse
Where its dim and not too bright?
Yell, that's what we do in the comments
On a GoYouFricasseeingHabsGo night!
That's All Fucks.
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
Well, what did you expect in a free blog?
A happy ending?
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
G Y F H G !


  1. "Goat season" - better get someone who can shoot better than Elmer Fudd or Scott Gomez.

  2. @soperman, now that is funny.

  3. I'll never be too old for that wascaly wabbit! You've done it again moeman!

  4. shhhhh...be verrrwy, verrrwwy qwuiet...

  5. Shoot down the jets tttthats all folks.

  6. Hadulf12:12 PM

    I wonder what's going on with Vodkov...maybe we should ask what's up doc?

    (I know, too easy!)

    My buddy scored tickets for a Sens/Jets game on Jan 16...should be interesting! 105 section at scotiabank place...

  7. I say, I say, I say, Boy, Whaddaya think we hog-tie those pegs down real good.

  8. Don't take life too seriously, 4HFers, you'll never get out of this blog alive. Parody is up. Next!

  9. Can you tell I watched the Looney Tunes Golden Collection during Xmas?

  10. Wonder if Gustaffson has a headache today after that head-save yesterday against Finland yesterday.

  11. the Maritimer2:34 PM

    Yesterdayyyy....all my troubles seemed so farrr awayyyy.....
    Now I know they're here to stayyyy......
    Oh I believe in yesterdayyyyy.....

  12. @Maritimer, two minutes for making a Beatles reference in a loony tunes post.

  13. the Maritimer2:59 PM

    @Steve, CoaCH is probably singing that one a lot.

  14. I'm waiting for the earth shattering kaboom! There is supposed to be an earth shattering kaboom!

  15. Kmaxx never misses a cue.

  16. Barch, will justice delayed be justice denied?

  17. quality parody moe. made me looney

    @Steve - I just read that Game of Thrones link you posted in the last thread. awesome. thank GOD I know Christwire.org is satire

  18. @juce - this whole thing stinks actually - PFK says he didn't hear a thing and the league keeps delaying it - thereby subjecting this Barch character to more criticism. Now I don't know if he said anything or not. The linesman said he heard "something" but the person it was aimed at didn't. It's easy to say PFK heard nothing so leave it. But morally, in these politically correct days, you can't let that kind of stuff go. It has no place in society, we all agree. But we have to agree that racial slurs still happen. So (IMHO) if the Linesman heard him say something offensive, he has to be punished. And then there is a question of "for how long? " Is there any benchmark in the NHL for using a racial slur? I can't really remember any...

  19. I agree, there is zero tolerance for this, if he was ejected he is guilty already, so 10 games.

  20. @Steve, your comment was posted at 4:20. Just sayin'.

    Also, too, if the ref in question (and we know they can be questioned, like, say, tim+peel) says he heard something and summarily booted barch, then what say you collie and Shanaban? Stick by your refs? Its only the disrespectful PK? Not Montreal, again!?

  21. Frédéric St-Denis selected as an AHL All-Star.

  22. I got a CHipmunk's DVD for Christmas. I love Alvin. Okay, I'll a admit to owning a few things Tweety too. And just maybe a hockey jersey with the Taz on the front. I suppose it helps that my brother-in-law works for WB. And I guess that's why I met George Clooney more than once, but I still think Alvin's cuter.

    Habs are playing tonight. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

  23. Picturing Moey sayin' sufferin' succotash.

  24. @Moey - George Clooney?! SPILL!

    Tweety was always my fave.

    Thanks for the game, moe.

  25. Mr. natural5:47 PM

    You Goofy Bastards are all carzy, love it. Thanks!

    moeman this ones a beauty, nice work.

    After the Jrs don't think I'll even watch tonight....take a night off and watch one of the wacky movies I got for CHristmas.


  26. Thx 4HFers, all in 4HFun.

  27. the Maritimer6:08 PM

    That Grigorenko kid looked good last night, just sayin'.

    Don't know what to make of tonight's game. I'm feeling conflicted lately. Teams coming off a long road trip usually lose the first game at home.

    Oh well, I hope they win. I guess.

  28. Ri,

    ER was filmed on WB's lot. I spent 6 months out there (CA)in 1997.

  29. @Moey - Needless to say, I'm jealous!

    According to the Habs official account, Geoff Molson is now on Twitter under @GMolsonCHC.


  30. @Kmaxx, Sure does. I understand there was New Year`s, then delayed so as not to taint the Winter Classic and now NHLPA requesting further delay. But don`t the delays, in essence, say that NHL doesn`t deem (alleged) racism on ice to be a priority? So much for political correctness on their part.
    I don`t know if Barch is innocent or not, we don`t know any details, if something was in fact said, someone must have heard it. PFK did say (not sure when) he spoke to Barch but did not reveal their conversation, he said he has other things to worry about, like focusing on hockey.
    I am sure that if it were a broon instead of PFK, Collie would have had the hearing already.
    We know that some refs are biased, however would the linesman (Darren Gibbs) make such an grave accusation without any substance? I hope in my heart that is not the case, otherwise, players will surely suffer.
    I guess we may know tomorrow when (if) details are revealed.

  31. moeman, I am not a techie and do not have an iPhone, but I love HK. Can I download and use on my PC?

  32. juce, not a PCer (or FWIW a gamer) but $2.99;


  33. iRiRi, Moey, Just love Pepé le Pieu and of course, George Clooney, ooooooh.

  34. BREAKING NEWS: Should our Habs win tonight, I will do a George Clooney exclusive thread.

  35. ... now that peter mackay is taken.

  36. Get prepared moeman, HABS are gonna win, barring of course refs include tim+peel or chris+lee.

  37. Wonder if peter flew over to Mexico in a search and rescue helicopter.

  38. Sufferin' Socotash...this chest infection I have is still kickin' my ass so I'm gonna pass on the game tonight and hope for a speedier recovery...Go Habs Go!! Go Habs Go!!! Go Habs Go!!!!

  39. GYMFHG!

  40. Watching the game with my twee puddy tats.

  41. You hear that, Habs? A George Clooney exclusive thread is at stake here. If that doesn't motivate them, i give up.

    P.S. Get well, Kmaxx.

  42. What's up with Pricey's poofy hair do?

  43. He forget the mousse when he was at Parmaprix yesterday....long story tell u later.

  44. juce,

    I'll hold you to that. Don't spare any deets.

  45. Oh Gawd. They have to be the unluckiest bunch on the planet.

  46. Hadulf8:04 PM

    @all you sick fucks - Love ya

  47. Josh, worth every penny!

  48. Yay, we're on a pee-pee!

  49. Should be 5-1. Learn how to finish boys!

  50. Moey as promised,
    DJ on local radio this am said his wife decided to make egg rolls for first time yesterday, realized they had no plum sauce, so he went out to get some.
    Approaching a Pharmaprix, he thought, why not try to get it there. So he goes in picks up washer fluid, plum sauce (they did have some) and a HABS zamboni piggy bank for his son which was 80% off.
    As he was walking around, who did he see come in? TFS with his lady-friend (as he put it)! So he thought, now if only I had a black marker, but said he didn`t have the heart feeling that these guys must get bothered all the time.

  51. juce, decent of the guy not to bug him but it must have been soooo tempting, his son would have been thrilled.

  52. WTF! was TFS™ doing in a drug store with a lady friend?!

  53. Moey, I like to think if it were my son, I might have approached, who knows when opportunity would come again. But I`m also a coward.

  54. Backhanded sausage from MOEmaN!

  55. moeman, not getting mousse for sure.

  56. Juce,

    I went to Anaheim a couple of years ago to see Saku's first game against the Habs. I had exchanged a few emails with the PR/media relations guy for the Ducks. My sister had sent me a Koivu Duck's jersey for Christmas. I asked the PR guy, (hoping he would bite) what the best way would be to get Saku's autograph on it, since after all I was coming ALL the way from Montreal just to see him. He tells me to hang around the Honda Center at 11:00 AM with everyone else waiting for an autograph. Aye, right. Doesn't he know who I am? FFS. Needless to say the jersey will never be signed.

  57. moeman, upon further review of the Price from Nice video, I think he must have been picking up some Hi Karate.

  58. heh, good one juce

  59. carcillo gets 7.

    Bourque gets 5.

    Fonz apologizes to refs.

    No word on barch's slur.

  60. Moey, Considering how far you came, he should have accommodated you, I`m sure Saku would have been very happy to have signed.

  61. BB is such a fucking xenophobic dolt and he's sitting beside the xenophobic BR's BFF denis 'the xenophobic dolt' gauthier.

  62. juce,

    Yeah, that's what I thought, I was hoping he would offer to get it signed for me. I think Saku would have been happy to do it too.

  63. I think we should keep MoenMan after this season. And we should probably keep moeman too since he runs this blog.

  64. Thanks for the vote of confidence Moey. The CHeque is in the mail.

  65. Go get a hatty Lego!

  66. Home Sweet Home!

    Might be Squid!

  67. Clooney, Clooney!


  69. moe,

    You know how much we all love you and need you. Holy crap, we might just win this thing.

  70. HATTY1111111111111111

  71. Lego grinning from ear to ear. Very happy for him.

  72. It's because I was looking for an Eller shirt today.

  73. And the fans go rabid.

  74. Fonzi fined.

    "There is no acceptable explanation or excuse for commentary challenging the integrity of the League, its officials or its broadcast partners," said NHL Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell. "People can disagree with calls by officials on the ice, but even in instances of the utmost frustration there is no justification for speaking as inappropriately and irresponsibly as Mr. Tortorella did."

  75. Funny how quick they ruled on that one, eh?

  76. Fine was US$30,000.

  77. High Glove Side9:49 PM

    and Eller has a 100% shooting percent too

  78. Penality shot!
    Go Lego!

  79. LEGO! Holy fucking shit what a goal!

  80. FOUR PHUCKING GOALS FOR LEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Merci Moey et ami(e)s.

  82. That's what we get for singing THAT song with 7 minutes left.

  83. N31 usually mentions the free wings.

  84. Just think, if we have Bryz in our nets, this would be tied at 7.

  85. Sorry. I was busy going nuts. FREE WINGS! But we should get danishes instead!

  86. What is happening? Lego with 4 goals? This is a 3rd period I can get behind!

  87. Orangie,

    Are you a fairweather fan or what? Leaving us in the rat and crap infested trenches. For shame.

  88. 4HFemmes, refresh for some fresh Clooney.

    L E G O !!!!

  89. Moey: I have been posting here and there but since it's currently 1230pm here and I'm at work with screaming children in a culture that doesn't believe in disciplining them in any sort of way I can't always comment during the games. I can't even watch them, I just get alerts. But if waking up at 8am on a Sunday morning just to listen to the play by play makes me a fairweather fan then so be it.

    Sorry, terrible day here in the looney bin.

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