Jan 2, 2012

Let's get together and feel all right ~ One team!

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G Y Fighting H G !


  1. Mr. natural10:16 PM


  2. moeman, Formidable, you really hit CHome!

    Now, GYMFHG!

  3. Where there is a chance there is hope, where there is despair is Toronto. GYFHG you got all the parts now just hook up.

  4. Fight for it, boys! You know you can do it! I believe! Your fans believe and we will not quit on you, don't quit on us!


  5. Gorgeous Gorges, show them what spirit is...show them and lead baby, lead!

  6. Goat, sign TFS and sign him now. None of this 'we don't do contracts mid-season' BS.

  7. Yeah, I'm pumped and ready! rah! rah! rah!

  8. It's the sugar rush from all those CHristmas CHocolates, blah!

  9. juce, any kind of buzz is OK.

  10. I dig this or dig a hole. Either way GYFH!

    Czech vs Russia in a 1-1 game. Winner gets Canada!

  11. moeman, Ok, I admit, it's CHolocate and wine, I went out for dinner and came home to the sweets.

    31, Winner loses to Canada, our Jr's seem to know how to play!

  12. @HeadHunter,
    Speaking of verifications, my latest was 'pickarse'.
    I think it was a tribute to broon's marchand and his team mates.

  13. Czech-ed out. Russia VS Canada. (pleasedontplayVisentin)

  14. I think I'm late but, fuck i love gorges.

    Now trending on twitter in canada is "Our Queen Gomez". Am I the only one that assumed this was about our favourite hab?

    And last thing I have to say/ask is if anybody knows of any good outdoor puck spots either downtown, in westmount or in NDG


  15. mr gillis, if you mean you are looking for an outdoor rink, then the Canadiens donated a rink built to NHL standards in Verdun. There is also one in La Salle and maybe another in NDG.


  16. gillis there is a list here:


    i have personally played at Westmount Park and Jeanne Mance park and a couple of parks in Little Burgundy. all typical outdoor rinks. best "game" probably at Jeanne Mance

  17. Awesome thanks.

    I drive by westmount park on sherbrooke everyday and haven't seen boards, is it set up at the other end of the park?

  18. mr g yeah it's at the south end, the Ste Catherine side (where the soccer / ball fields are in the summer, next to the tennis courts). though admittedly it's been at least 5 years since i played there, so who knows

  19. Found a video on the rink in Verdun. There 4 others donated by the HABS but could not find.


  20. Hearing scheduled for Barch @3:00pm.

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  23. Anonymous3:29 PM

    You inherited a site as great as FHF, post utter garbage and don't even have the decency to link to the PK'ists, a site that's actually posting funny, informative Habs material in the true spirit of FHF. Also, given that the PK'ist contributors form 75% of the original FHF and their site features the always-amazing photoshop work of golden girl, it's a sign of your petty insecurity that you don't link to them and a wonder anyone actually visits this site. The only reason I come by is in the vain hope that 29 one day reclaims it. Hey, Martin got fired, anything's possible I guess.

  24. easy anonymous. we're all living happily ever after. you should too. we're all friends

  25. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

  26. I've lost track of how many "Anon" trolls randomly appear to critique this site, disrespect everyone who spends time here then disappears (one would think to have have a good 'ole tug over a CotU fan magazine or similar) - So on behalf of us all - Anon- fuck off!

    Sorry all, I have had iRiRi's cold/flu in the form of a chest infection since NYE so I'm in no mood for that kind of bull shit!.

    So great news on the Gorges front. He's the future - which is where we need to look. What we see now is not the future and it is going to be very hard pressed to make the playoffs this year - I'm sorry but I won't give up until I absolutely have to - but I also don't ever even look at the standings until the beginning of Jan. So I was surprised to see that the leaf are not in a playoff spot as of Jan1. From all the media you read you would have thought the cup was being engraved already. So the Habs are in need of a strategic winning streak - and I mean strategic insofar as who they win against rather than how many in a row. If they pick up points in their own division along with some more points from teams they should beat (...errr - actually - you might scratch that - not sure who that is exactly at this point) - anyway, if they do that then 55-60 points between now and April could be done - but I haven't analysed who they play and how they played against them historically etc...I'm just a Habs fan with a cold who wants his beloved Habs to make the playoffs.

    It's a new year so let's all start with the same atitude - Go Habs Go!!! Go Habs Go!!!

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  28. Steve meant billions.

  29. @Kmaxx, hope Mrs. Kmaxx is making you chicken soup. Feel better soon, there's game a comin'.

  30. Cheers juce! I am being well looked after don't you worry. And that "strategic" winning streak I was talking about needs to start against Winnipeg.

  31. @Moemen, sorry I was only counting the men

  32. Compete level


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  34. @Kmaxx - may I suggest syrup with codeine in it? Available by prescription only over here. Works wonders. Knocks you right though. Perfect for Habs game nights.

    @anon - Frankly, I'm insulted. But if you're so dissatisfied, maybe you should ask for a refund.

    @moe - Keep up the great work!

  35. Oh and @steve - that's the most sense you've made in awhile. (I'm teasing!)

  36. Dayquil with rum.

    Nyquil with vodka.

    You can comment in the morning.

  37. Good for RC, shows he's a fighter. I like his no-nonsense attitude and hope he learns the language just to show them all. He possesses something goat does not..Class.

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  39. @Steve, No time at all given RC seems to have more intelligence than goat.

  40. Hockey cliCHés ~ CliCHés d'hockey

    110% ~ 110%

    60 minutes ~ 60 minutes

  41. "On avait des bonnes chances mais leur gardien ete exceptionelle"

    Nos jeuenes jouers n'ont pas mis l'effort ce soir"

    Mr. Price a tres bien jouer ce soir

    Parce que notre propriétaire a dépensé une fortune à son contrat, j'ai dû le jouer - il nous a coûté le match, mais ce n'est pas ma faute. La faute est sur Bob Gainey!

    Mr.Price n'est pas une équipe d'un homme. Il se tenait sur sa tête, mais sa paresse co équipiers cul le laisser tomber

    Nous avons joué assez bien pour gagner, malheureusement, l'autre équipe a mieux joué

  42. Définitivement.

  43. Is it just me or am I missing something? Gauthier did NOT say he was hiring a bilingual coach. He said it is very important that the coach speak French and that it would be PART of the process in evaluating the next potential coaching candidates.

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  45. @Steve "French grils were much tougher than I imagined." You gotta soften them up with the language of love. Also, too, check to see if her name is Anon.

  46. Nous avons joué assez bien pour gagner, malheureusement, les maudits arbitres ne suivres pas les reglements quand on jouent si bien.

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  48. @Moeman, funny thing was these girls all had English names, Tiffany, Amber, Crystal and such.

  49. Steve, those are stage names. Hope the CHampagne was good.

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  51. Aussi, a small % of the traffic for this blog came from tim+peel Google searches. Might explain the utter garbage descrip.

  52. I think Lindy ruff's kid is called diamond.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I hope tim+peel is not officiating tomorrow.

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  56. Alright a hockey thought, dont pick a fucking Russian, trade that baby away for Huberdough.

  57. Hadulf7:59 PM

    Huberdough = HD

    Now, to quote 29, what'd I miss?

    So I need an avatar now? Nah...you guys know my name!

  58. Hadulf8:01 PM

    Thoughts on the Carcillo hit?

  59. Thoughts on the Carcillo hit?

    50/50 but Carcillo is a repeat offender ...

  60. It's Carcillo. Him breathing should result in a 10-game suspension.

    Oh man.. Granlund goes from scoring TSN's favourite Lacross goal to whiffing completely on his shootout attempt and ultimately sending Sweden to the final round.

    Diamond Ferri, Montreal Alouette nutball.

  61. the Maritimer8:25 PM

    I'm glad some other 4HFer's are getting on the Huberdeau (HD) bandwagon. They need him in Montreal pronto! This kid was a Hab fan growing up and his parents used to trek to Florida to see the Habs play the Panthers at Christmas time. I bet he would welcome and embrace the chance to play for the Montreal Canadiens and his Saint John teammate Nathan Beaulieu. It would be a dream come true.

    @Steve, the Diamond comment cracked me up. Sounds like you had the big "V" and only fuck for fun now.

    @moeman, keep up the good work.

  62. Bournival on the 5 puck agility was nice.

  63. The Saint8:44 PM

    HD in the CH? Sign me up.
    Great for RC. Doubt he'll be back, but he's got another 45 games or so to showcase himself to other teams. You know, teams that don't have an insane racist media calling for your head or spineless owners/GM's. Those teams.

    Getting primed for the game by watching Jeremy Hotz in Montreal at JFL. Great stuff. Well mostly.


  64. Rupp copied Jagr's trademark salute to the crowd after scoring a goal in yesterday's Winter Classic. Jerk.

  65. Well now I see how Huberdeau is perfect for the Habs: he just missed a wide open net, point blank.

  66. Russia's leading scorer in this game is Ryan Murray.

  67. Hadulf9:47 PM

    My thoughts on the Carcillo hit is also 50/50...I think there was a tripping/hooking penalty there but it's the dumbass decision he made of tripping/hooking when he did. He deserves a good suspension. And I'm not even convinced he was 'injured' on the play. On one of the camera angle you can see him look at the ref and see him put his arm up...Maybe faking an injury on the play would give him benefit of the doubt...yeah right, danny boy, nice try.

  68. Hadulf9:48 PM

    oh fuck...I'm missing that game...*run*

  69. Oh this is hilarious..
    - Murray scored two goals for Russia, fails completely at scoring for Canada.
    - Dougie Hamilton fucking up the powerplay.
    - Gallagher getting no support from Scheifele going against 4 guys.
    - Strome sucking
    - Beaulieu gets a few seconds on the powerplay and SHOCK actually generates something that results in a penalty for Russia dumping the guy by the net...and then isn't on the 5-on-3 right after...instead Dougie Hamilton is back, to fuck up the powerplay by taking a penalty.

    Yay! And to make matters worse, Russia is using the Bruins fugly goal horn.

  70. Ryan Murrayov with the hat trick for Russia. And I'm not joking.

  71. I see Khokhlachev will fit in just fine with the Bruins. Just bowled into and hit Wedgewood in the head with his knee.

  72. Ryan Murrayov with an assist this time. He gets the game belt for sure.

  73. Composure, nada. It's all Calgary's fault.

  74. Hadulf10:43 PM

    Maybe Canada can go anti-Hab and actually get a comeback in the third!

    Did HD get a 10 minute for hitting his stick on the boards? I did not see him say something at the ref...

    This game is getting ugly

  75. Yea, he got the misconduct for being angry and taking it out on the boards.


  77. Hadulf11:16 PM

    wow...dumbest penalty...

    Go Canada! Comeback country!

  78. Gallagher to Gormley to chase the goalie away.

  79. Ah well. Next time, don't take such crap penalties. Or put the puck in your own net 3 times and a half.

  80. Melnick's obsession with BIG comments on the need for BIG TOUGH RAH while the littlest kid on the ice was leading the charge for the comeback. Douchey~

    Bet he loved watching Oleksiak being invisible for a 6'7" kid.

  81. @31: "I see Khokhlachev will fit in just fine with the Bruins. Just bowled into and hit Wedgewood in the head with his knee."

    Seriously. That looked really intentional. I don't understand why no one (media) is talking about it. The way he snapped his neck back, it could have been really serious. And on a 4-1 goal. We might have lost, but I say this after every WJHC, I'd rather be a Canadian hockey fan than a Russian. What a bunch of pussy diver goons (aka broons). Some really exciting players, though.

  82. Ok, here's my story. Last year I visited Ukraine. In a market I met a guy selling old CCCP jerseys (tragically only small size) along with other Cold War hockey paraphenalia. We got to talking and he showed me a pic of him as a teen on the national team back in the early 80s. Amazing.

    Anyway, he told me since the fall of the Wall hockey has become a rich kid's sport in the former USSR. In the poorer countries like Ukraine and Belarus it simply wasn't a priority and fell apart. In Russia, the rich entitled kids were the only ones playing instead of the army guys (aka 'every man'). He had to quit hockey after that, and could not even think about sending his kids to the collapsing rinks with 2 years worth of salary in equipment. Not only that, but these young guys starting seeing dollar signs and wanted to be superstars on their own, losing the team play of the commie days.

    This incedibly knowledgable man explained that Russians aren't inherently selfish, but the new generation is skeptical of being so loyal to a country that screwed them over so badly for so many years. In the new Russia, loyalty is worth less than a quick buck. And hockey is one of the quickest ways to make those bucks and get out of the country at the same time.

    This random nostalgic hockey man told me that CCCP kids used to revere the Canadian stars, dream of playing in Toronto and Montreal and were in awe when we visited in 1976.

    Anyway, if you're ever in Keiv look for a little stand with CCCP jerseys outside Saint Andrew Church. Bring beer and ice cream, and an attentive ear.

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. @Hadulf, anything but Anon, a name is good enough.

  85. @Yes. Oh lord yes. As Lennon said, "Those Ukreaine girls really knock me out OOOO-WEEEE-OOOO-WEEE". Cheap, beautiful and full of craziness. Actual city beaches combined with the traditional Slavic distate for clothing. They just got rid of thei visa rules for Canada last year. It'll be overrun soon. Not joking, if anyone's looking for a good cheap holiday with culture and, uh, sub-culture, look no further.

  86. Wait, I meant the city of Kiev is cheap, beautiful and full of craziness, but I like how that mis-edit worked to imply otherwise.

  87. @Orangeman, I loved your tale. Poor guy just trying to survive and longing for hockey days of yore.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

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