Jan 5, 2012

Love Sweet Love ~ Make CHeese!

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Goat Y F H Goat !


  1. Flames started their poor rookie AHL kid goalie against the Bruins and left him there for 6 goals. Clearly, the rest of the NHL has given up even trying to play games against them.

    And clearly the Bruins are very happy the Habs aren't in the playoffs. Yet.

    FOR GREAT JUSTICE the Habs have to make the playoffs. This evil must be stopped!

  2. N31 knows. No need for another tainted Cup.

  3. Yes, absolutely. Broons fear us deep down in their bones (I would have said souls but they dont have any). Habs have to make the playoffs and stop this onslaught goon hockey terrorism.

  4. ..onslaught of..

  5. Mr. natural10:05 PM

    moeman, that is the greatest picture ever!!

    Russians finally back in the game in third, hope this doesn't go to a shootout, that would suck.

    Go Swedes!

    Aislin's cartoon was great today:

  6. Mr. n., it is a perfect view.


    With all due respect to Russian hockey fans, mediots the KHL Lokomotiv tragedy has nothing to do with this tournament.


    Love Aislin.

  7. Don't mind me, I'm just here to watch Eller's ovation video. Again.

  8. 58th shot wins it for Jr. Swedes.

  9. Clearly Russia needed Ryan Murray to score goals.

    Hooray for Sweden, finally getting a gold medal! What is it, 30 years since their last one?

  10. Crazy nice goal to win it. 4 years, 4 different champs. Bonus no burkian goon hockey needed.

  11. And not only are they good at hockey, but singing too!

  12. Kudos to the hockey crowd cheering on this game.

  13. @moeman
    Regarding Lokomotiv, two of last year's gold medal winning kids died on the plane and two others who most likely would have been on this year's team. They wanted to repeat for them.

  14. Aaaaaand TSN ruins the moment by switching to SportsCenter and stupid Burke talking crap.

  15. May I wade in on something here please...OK - I've been analysing a lot of different judgements sent down of late from upon high and I have come to the following conclusions:
    1. The best way to get away with an infraction is to wear a Black and yellow jersey.
    2. The 2nd best way is to tell whomever is conducting the review EXACTLY what they want to hear - case in point - Lucic hit on Sabres goalie - "it was my forward momentum - I tried everything I could to avoid hitting him" - other case in point - Barch on Subban - "I know what I said sounded like a racist comment that only an ignoramus or a racist would say, but I'm not one of those so it wasn't really racist at all" So I figure the conversation with Campbell (btw - why is he doing this particular one?) and Barch went something along the lines of:

    C - "Ok let me tell you something - we don't like racists in the NHL - bad for business you understand.

    B - Yes Uncle Collie. I understand. I might have said something that was a bit naughty...but you know I didn't really mean it.

    C - Ohh...well then...that's good - you know that if you actually said something racist to that PK boy I'm going to have to suspend you for something like 5-10 games IF YOU REALLY SAID ANYTHING RACIST. You understand that don't you?

    B - Yes Uncle Collie

    C - OK - so then now Kryssie - tell me, IN YOUR OWN WORDS exactly what happened. Tell me about the remark you made to that PK boy that everyone is getting excited about but that you believe to not be racist in any way shape or form...tell me in your own words now son.

    B - Ok - I got mad at that PK because he was showing off how good he was and we were losing - which I know you can appreciate because it was against Montreal - so I was mad and I told him that he better be careful not to slip on a banana peel - I was actually just worried about his health and safety. I figured that in between periods he'd probably have a banana because most coloured boys like PK probably eat a lot of bananas to give them energy between periods - and I didn't want him to slip as he came back to the ice. Honest that was all it was about.

    C - So you are saying to me that it may have been inappropriate, but it was nowhere along the lines of a racial slur. Is that right and do you have anything else to say before I pass judgement?

    B - Well, the things I said were pretty explicit, maybe not for kids' ears. That's why I really can't repeat what I said, because it wouldn't come across - my grandma wouldn't want to hear it. Put it that way. - but it sure wasn't racist.

    C - OK - I believe you. But you got a game misconduct so I'll suspend you for 1 game. See you next weekend for dinner at your mother's house. And make sure you wash your mouth out with soap before then!

  16. Merci N31.

    Nice rant Kmaxx.

  17. Kmaxx, You were our fly on the wall.

  18. One of the best things to happen this season would be for us to make it to the playoffs, meet Boston in the first round, and eliminate the bastards! Even if we were swept in the second round I'd be so happy.

    I get this horrible feeling that we're in the middle of a Bruins dynasty. The horror. We need to stop it.

  19. FUCK the Broons, Fuck them

  20. Henderson Jersey Homecoming Tour arrives at the Bell Centre.
    This will be awesome, hate to admit it, but I remember that moment in history.


  21. Hadulf12:10 PM

    On a non-Habs related note, I bought myself a gift...Got some ticks for Tommy Emmanuel! w00t w00t! Is it may 16 yet? Hockey should be over by then, right?

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  25. I know its a biz but I hate events like this.

  26. Free Fosterthepeople Pumped Up Kicks Gigamesh Remix


    Free Leonard Cohen - Live in N.B.


  27. SETI has detected indications of radio transmissions from the Keppler planets, Momma I am coming home.

  28. Sexy Friday is UP!

  29. @Steve, I believe most proceeds go to charities.